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Sunday, June 21, 2009

2006 Ford GT40 HERITAGE EDITION - For Sale!

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2006 Classic Ford GT Heritage Edition production #1494, with only 3.6 delivery miles and having all options, is being offered for sale, this car is new and untitled. This is the lowest mileage Heritage Edition in existence per Only 400 of this combination were produced !

It is stored in Wisconsin, USA, in an air supplied bubble and has a battery maintainer providing charge as needed. Was only driven on and off of the car transport.

All documentation will be provided from initial call to order, through delivery to my storage facility.

Additional items included are as follows:

1) Double sided Ford factory GT poster given to me by Fred Goodnow and signed by him and Camillo Pardo.
2) Factory high performance GT brochure.
3) Ford factory "Team History" 153 page publication from the now decommissioned Wixom plant and signed by the Ford engineers that were giving the plant tour.
5) Ford Team History factory cd unopened.
6) Custom cocktail glasses made by Camillo Pardo and given to GT owners at the first Ford sponsored event in Michigan 2006.
7) All items, pamphlets, manuals, numbers kit, window sticker, still are in their original packages, interior still in factory plastic, passenger door, rear hatch and hood seals are still on, door edge shipping protectors are still on as well as the Wixom factory rear hatch I.D. Number handwritten #1494 tag is still attached.
8) A new additional battery tender (currently attached) in addition to the GT factory supplied one still in it's package and in the car.
9) A heavy duty air supplied storage bubble unit, for dust free, safe storage of car.
10) Pictures of the car as it sat at the Wixom plant waiting to be delivered.

This classic car is exactly as it sat on the Wixom Ford factory floor awaiting delivery.

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  1. Hello, Is this this car still for sale?

  2. If car is for sale can you please call me Tom 724-502-6015