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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1964 Pontiac Catalina Ventura 389, Tri-Power - - For Sale (Click Here)


Early ‘60’s Pontiac fans, here’s a cool classic car for sale for you! How about a one-family-owned, ’64 Catalina, with its original interior, and only one repaint? We’ve got the ORIGINAL manuals with the Ident-O-Plate intact and TWO build sheets! Finished in crisp white with a striking two-tone red and maroon interior this car is as attractive as it is unusual to see. If you like you’re Pontiacs just a little larger this is the car for you!

Mr. A.V. Cockerham of Elkin, NC picked this car up at his local dealership, Rose and Day Inc. on August 30, 1964. The car came finished in Cameo Ivory with a really cool three-tone Ventura interior, with an 11H 389 2bbl engine, M35 Roto Hydramatic transmission, A49 seat belts (still not mandatory,) D31 tilt wheel, D33 remote outside rear view mirror, J50 power brakes, N30 deluxe steering wheel, N40 power steering, P01 deluxe wheel covers, U25 trunk light, U63 AM radio, W50 Ventura sport package and Y85 décor moldings. That’s a pile of car with all the options you’d ever need to cruise in style!

We’ve got some cool documents, too. We have the original owner’s manual, protection plan with the protect-o-plate, TWO build sheets, a very cool warranty sheet for replacement mufflers (in 1968!) and an unpaid PARKING TICKET from the fall of 1964! This makes for great display stuff, and adds to the value of the car, especially the second full build sheet. Full size Pontiacs for 1964 were large, but not overwhelmingly so. If you have visions of the late ‘60’s and ‘70’s models, rest assured that no one’s going to put Carnival Cruise Line stickers on the doors! These cars rode on very long 120” wheelbases, but only weighed 3750 pounds—barely 300 pounds more than a GTO! That means you car ride in style with PLENTY of friends, and still find parking spaces. This is a great car for touring as the ride quality from the long wheelbase really shines.

On the outside, this car just exudes cool. The Cameo Ivory paint glows, there’s just enough trim to make things interesting and the “dog dish” hubcaps give the car a purposeful Super Duty look. The chrome’s as you’d expect from a well-kept North Carolina car. There’s a set of “Yakuza-style” fender mounted mirrors, an excellent grille, very nice window frames, great bumpers and neat emblems. The trim is present and in great shape, the tires are new, the lenses are clear—get in and drive!

The interior is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a factory car—the W50 extra cost Ventura interior. With three colors of red and maroon, with Pontiac chevrons embossed in the seat backs, this is one of the last interiors that shows the craftsmanship that was slowly dying in the early ‘60’s. An awful lot of detail was lost the next year in a gentleman’s agreement among the Big Three to reduce spending and materials costs, and stainless trim and fancy interiors were the first to go. The armrests, door panels, headliner, seat covers, carpet (the only non-original part in the car) and interior chrome are in fantastic shape. Everything works inside from the parking lights to the AM radio to the wipers. There’s an under dash ARA A/C unit, and the compressor clutch still operates, and the compressor still spins. Grab the deluxe steering wheel and drive! The trunk is a four-body affair. Peel up the new trunk mat to find red spatter paint on virgin sheet-metal. Those side trim pieces in cardboard? They’re original, too! The SUPER BRIGHT U25 trunk light is awesome—it’s on a retractable cord long enough to work on the motor at midnight! Everything is as it should be from spare to jack, too. Throw a side of beef in there with a couple 30 packs and be the hit of the party!

Under-hood, something isn’t quite right. Pontiac installed a lone 2bbl carb, but somewhere along the line two more got thrown in! Looking the entire world like a legit Tri-Power car, it’s just one more detail that has people doing double takes. The rest of the compartment is as spartan as Pontiac made it, which makes the three deuces stand out just that much more. The correct satin black paint is nice and fresh, complimented by a new hood pad. There’s a new radiator, new hoses, new belts, new wires and plugs installed on the freshened motor—the car starts and runs right away.

Let’s go! With cool looks echoing the GTO’s stacked lamps, gloss paint, a totally cool, very original interior and big block power, this car is a road trip specialist. Familiar enough to recognize but different enough to stand out, this car’s quite the head turner for Saturday cruise action!

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