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Thursday, July 30, 2009

1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 289 - For Sale (Click Here)


Classic Mustang For sale:
NEW YORK—The world’s fair showcases the newest ideas, wildest visions of the future and one very special little car. The car itself isn’t that remarkable, as its underpinned by run-of-the-mill Falcon chassis gear and powered by a couple of Ford’s standard engines. Even the shape, attractive as it was, isn’t what was important. No, what changed the world was the car’s intended market: Youth. Never before had cars been built specifically for young, “hip” people. The Mustang was, and still is, the greatest symbol of a car built for the sake of fun.

Nothing screams "Mustang" like a bright red finish, a rumbling small block under the hood and a four speed in the tunnel! This one's extremely well finished from the bottom up—it's one to take home, enjoy and pass on to future generations!

Here's the trim tag decoded:

Year: 5 1965
Plant: F Dearborn, MI
Body Series: 08 Convertible
Engine: C 289 2v V8
Unit: 715398 715398
Body: 76A Convertible, Standard Interior
Color: J Rangoon Red
Trim: 26 Black Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior
Date: 05S May 05, 1965
D.S.O: 33 Detroit
Axle: 1 3.00:1, Conventional
Trans: 5 4-Speed Manual

Cars like this ’65 convertible are what started it all. Bright red over black, this car shows some of the neat, customizable touches that set Mustang apart. Bucket seats up front with a four speed shifter get things moving in a hurry. You hang onto a new Grant wood grain sport wheel while sitting on all new upholstery bolted down onto new carpet. There’s a set of color matched floor mats and new sill moldings below, new door panels on the sides and a new dash pad up front over the GT gauges and wood grain panels. New chrome pieces from the door handles in brighten things up without looking Lincolnesque. The red-on-black scheme was quite popular back then and is timeless today. The Rally Pac gauges are definitely the best part, though, with the clock and tachometer front and center on the steering column, and these are new, fresh and in perfect order.

Pop the hood and find a concours level C Code 289CI 2bbl engine and engine compartment. The valve covers and air cleaner are chrome per the GT trim level, there’s a full set of reproduction decals, new washer bottle (bag?) a new battery and more. A fresh tune up with new Autolite plugs, new date coded reproduction wires, new FoMoCo hoses and even "GAS-GAS-GAS" fuel lines ensure the proper look while running flawlessly.

The body is in awesome shape with a thick coat of brilliant red paint. New bumpers and emblems and a fresh grille really make things shine, but it’s the wheel set that makes the car. New mustang rally wheels from Wheel Vintiques wrapped in 205/70/14 B F Goodrich Radial T/A’s give the car the right stance. This car will turn heads from all demographics anywhere you go—this is one of the quintessential American cars.

The undercarriage is just about perfect, too, painted in the same bright red as the topside. That's a brand new dual exhaust system back to the tips, a new fuel system from the tank to the motor and new brakes all around. Front and rear sway bars work with a completely rebuilt suspension and those BFG tires to actually hold the road. And, thanks to this being a true V8 car and not a converted six cylinder, there are five-lug wheels at all four corners to go with that upgraded suspension. This is a car looking for its driver!

The trunk’s just as detailed as the rest, too, with a new mat, a new spare tire and the correct jack. Pull up the mat and find solid sheet metal and a new fuel tank pad. Throw in the lounge chairs and cooler and head to a show, or pack a couple weeks’ worth of clothes, pick up your best friend, and tour the country! This car can and will do it!

For the price of admission, there are few cars on the planet that can please everyone from owners to bystanders with just its presence. Far from rare, this car is a beacon of our love of cars and independence as a nation. Be a part of history—past, present and future! And, best of all, own a frame-up restored 4 speed convertible muscle car in red without having to mortgage what’s left of the equity in your home! With only 5 miles driven on this beautiful pony car since the restoration was completed two weeks ago, it doesn’t get any better than this one!

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  1. The America's favorite muscle car for 45 yrs straight. ;)

  2. No real GT !
    It's a shame, but nice car any way...

  3. Nice car but not as stock as they would have you believe. My 65 GT does not have chrome goodies on the engine for example.