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Friday, July 31, 2009

1965 Plymouth Satellite 440 Convertible - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


Mid 60's Mopars are definitely starting to get their due. From the cool styling to the neat trim and detailing these cars look great, and they're great traveling companions. Take this car—deep blue paint, a cool blue bucket seat interior, timeless American Racing wheels and a 426 wedge Six Pack and a four speed under the hood. That'll get you going!

Cool blue paint with restored and restrained stainless Satellite trim makes for a very cool looking car. Nicely re-chromed bumpers join a mint grille up front and a clean tail panels and original taillight set out back. The clean paint over the straight body looks awesome from any angle, the product of intensive straightening efforts. New headlight bulbs up front light the way while clean original taillight lenses in re-chromed housings out back bring up the rear. The side trim was treated to the same comprehensive restoration as the rest, and looks fantastic. Chrome trim from the vent window frames to the bumpers shine better than new. Even with the top up the car's cool—it's a newer white piece that just sets looks right. Four American Racing Torq Thrust wheels wearing 225/70 front and 245/70/15 rear B F Goodrich tires give the car a great, period correct stance. What's not to like?

Pop the hood and find a 1964 vintage 426 street wedge block topped by a full-on Six Pack setup. Sold new through William Pase, Inc. in Huntington, NY, the car was born with a 273 2bbl mill, so there's no harm in tripling the stock horsepower rating here! The chromed air cleaner lid matches the OE chrome valve covers (with appropriate Super Stock decals,) the motor itself is the correct turquoise and there's a chrome alternator hanging off the front. The rebuilt short block breathes much easier than stock thanks to the '68 vintage 440HP 906 cylinder heads and HP exhaust manifolds. Power brakes are an added option, working with a rebuilt master cylinder on the firewall. Power steering hangs off the driver's side of the engine—this is a cruiser! A Mallory electronic ignition lights the fires through Taylor wires while a high flow water pump and a fat aluminum 22” radiator keep temps under control. A new battery and a new voltage regulator provide more than enough power; combustion gasses pass smoothly down from the manifolds into the Flowmaster-equipped dual exhaust system. New belts, hoses and wiring mean trouble free motoring to your favorite hangout spot or a cross country run!

Sit down in the very comfortable restored interior. Re-stuffed seats with new blue covers are both comfortable and good looking. The original center console is in great shape with its working factory tach, re-chromed top plates, built in armrest and Hurst shifter with its classic white ball. The dash frame got a clean coat of blue paint and a restored dash pad, the restored gauges and bezel are clean and bright, the door panels are new as is the carpet. Auto Custom Carpet embroidered floor mats keep the floor clean. The car's builder must not have had much faith in the original gauges as there's a quartet of classic Auto Meter units hanging from the dash. New armrest bases, inside door handles and window cranks shine like its 1965 again—this is a cool ride!

The chassis is clean and equipped for cruising. The 8 ¾ rear with 3.23 gears and a Sure Grip out back is held up by heavy duty leaf springs while the big block torsion bars up front twist the front end level. Newer shocks, new steering and new brake components are a reassuring find, especially. A clean fuel system from the tank forward is in place, and the dual exhaust system with Flowmasters sounds fantastic and is the proper soundtrack for a cruiser. There's a thick layer of undercoating here to keep road noise and stone chips at bay—isn't that what you want in a cruiser?

Convertibles are always fun, and early B bodies are great drivers. Put them together and you've got a long distance, fun-in-the-sun hot rod cruiser. It's been well cared for, too, looking just as nice as it did gracing the pages of Mopar Action's February 1998 issue and with its first place trophy in B body modified at the '97 Mopar Nationals. That's holding up well! From its brilliant paint to its comfortable interior to its well sorted chassis and drive-train, this car is ready for the Power Tour or a trip to the local hot spot!

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  1. Thats a beauty its every collectors dream to see this beautiful classic parked in their porch.

  2. Is this much more practical than the Hammer? I am thinking of getting my husband a real good car. I think this is good. Please advise. I'd be waiting for your response. Thanks and more power to you!

  3. How can I ever forget the Mopars? It's featured in one of my favorite movies, Tomcats. It was the 1971 Cuda. I fell in love with it at first sight. Vintage cars are my thing! =)

  4. Buying a vintage car like this 1965 Plymouth Satellite model is like owning a fragment of history. After having been in existence for 4O years, I’m sure this car had already been used by a number of significant people in some historical events. Although a vintage car like this is rarely sold in the market, its classic style is very versatile. Its elegant features can match special occasions like weddings and debuts.