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Sunday, August 23, 2009

1950 Chevrolet Styleline Sedan Delivery - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)

Description: Hot rod it or leave it stock? We're not sure how to answer the question either when we look at this very cool '50 Styleline sedan delivery. It's so cool as is, with its original Blue Flame Six and three-on-the-tree we lean towards leaving it as is. Then again, we've seen 502's shoved into early iron with a fat suspension and brake system—likewise it's a cool option. With its Mayland Black exterior and a very nice maroon Ultraleather cabin this unusual wagon would easily fit in with both crowds!

We do like rare classic cars here, and this one qualifies. Chevy cranked out 23,045 sedan deliveries in '50, but compare that to the approximately 1,300,000 vehicles produced overall! Also, since most of them succumbed to an early death due to rust this car wears ALL of its original sheet-metal top and bottom!

Pop the hood and check out the straight six set in its original compartment from a bygone era. The electrical system has been upgraded to 12 volts, but that's the extent of the modernization. The original air cleaner covers the original type carburetor, newer spark plugs take spark from the new wire set and screw into the original head. Gray paint and the Blue Flame decal are how the motor was dressed from the factory. There's a new fuel pump in here, too. Matte black paint is used throughout the compartment, the radiator has been re-cored and the master cylinder is freshly rebuilt.

Outside you'll find great original trim over a shiny black paint job. Styleline cars has more trim than their Fleetline bretheren, and it was the only way Chevrolet would sell deliveries. The grille and bumper assemblies are clean originals, as is the rear bumper. The stainless side spears which run from the fender to the door and from the windshield to the rear door on the belt line are refinished originals. The chrome rear fender accents shine as new, as does the fuel filler cap on the driver's side—it was exposed only on the station wagons and sedan deliveries. Vintage Sears/Allstate 6.70x15 wide whitewalls look great, especially here where they're paired with original hubcaps, trim rings and red plastic “crown” valve stem caps. The rear door opens easily and is very light—just what you needed to load a lot of stuff without the extra effort. The hood ornament is just flat-out cool—it's half chrome and half translucent red composite!

Look underneath at the attention given to the car by the resident classic car specialists at Capaldi Enterprises. They rebuilt all four wheels' worth of brakes, replaced the three flexible brake hoses, installed a new clutch inspection cover, replaced the rear main seal and the oil pan and performed a full inspection and adjustment. Once again you're looking at the original floors and frame—this car is 56 years old and is cleaner than most late model cars!

Inside you'll find a pair of very comfortable seats in the front and a LOT of room in the back. The seats and door panels are covered in modern Ultraleather, a new material that feels very close to the real thing but is a bunch easier to maintain and it lasts longer. There's a new gray headliner above the passenger compartment while the rear sides and ceiling are covered in black, commercial grade carpeting. The entire floor from front to back is a heavy-duty thick rubber and padding mat, perfect for easy cleaning and able to take a lot of abuse. The dash features the original gauges which all work as they should. On the steering column you'll find the original steering wheel, the shift lever and Capaldi's last upgrade: Turn signals! Remember that they weren't standard in 1950, and neither was a second taillight! Capaldi fabricated the second tail lamp and wired the car for signals. There's a clean turn signal stalk on the column, right where you'd expect one on a modern car.

Clean, well-sorted and black—this '50 is simply a cool ride. Hot rod it, leave it stock, take it camping or use it as an awesome advertising tool for your hip business! With its fresh tune up, ORIGINAL sheet-metal, excellent running condition, rarity and wild body style this is a multipurpose hauler with class!

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