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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1967 Dodge Coronet RT 440 Magnum - - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Ever heard the term "pride of ownership". You hear it a lot in the real estate business. It's a phrase that denotes a property that has been very well cared for, and stands out as a result. You don't hear this terminology when applied to classic cars very often, because it's rare to run across a car that's original, was owned by the same person for a very long time, and was meticulously maintained and cared for. This incredible 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T is definitely deserving of the phrase. In fact, it practically that defines it. I've never seen, in my lifetime, a 41 year old car with 80K + miles that has been better maintained and kept than this real-deal 1967 R/T.

The original purchaser of this car, Harold G. Leiphart, of Detroit, Michigan, loved this car. In fact, he loved it so much, that from the day he purchased it, and for nearly twenty years, he recorded every bit of maintenance performed to the R/T, no matter how slight. If he put air in the tires, he kept of it. Mr. Leiphart's log, which stretches from June 23, 1967, through June 28, 1985, stretching across nearly 50 full pages of loose-leaf paper, is an incredible read. It also verifies the car's original mileage. As of the last entry, made on June 28, 1985, when Mr. Leiphart installed new rear brake shoes, the Coronet sported 78,700 original miles.

Fast forward 23 years later, and the odometer shows a little over 82K miles. I first saw this car one year ago, and was blown away by it. What's so special about a 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T? Well, this one is special because, literally, the car is 100% stock, 100% correct, and has the flat-out nicest original 40 + year old interior I've personally ever seen in a car. It is stunning and amazing. From the original red dash pad, to the original seat covers, to the original headliner, it's perfect everywhere you look. Even the gauges look brand new (but aren't). The story goes that Mr. Leiphart loved this car so much, he kept it garaged every single day he owned it. And he rarely let anyone ride in the car with him, lest they damage the red vinyl bucket seat interior. The rear seat appears to have never had a rear end grace it. The legend also goes that Mr. Leiphart would drive the car to work, and if there was any threat of rain during the day, he would race home with the car and garage it. The second and third owners of this car must have realized how special this R/T was, because they only put 4K miles on the car over the past 23 years, and the car stands today as an incredible example of what a real factory R/T was built like in 1967.

Driving this car is a joy. Stock original engine, stock original transmission, stock axle, stock exhaust, all original sheet-metal. The car just feels right ... like you could just drive it forever, without worry. California here we come! Documentation-wise, this car is incredible. Present is the original Statement of Vehicle Sale, which chronicles that on February 7, 1967, Harold C. Leiphart purchased this R/T from Dick Canaan's Motor City Dodge, of Detroit, Michigan, for $3,253.00 out the door. Being a fastidious person, who really loved this car, Mr. Leiphart saved everything, including the Dealer's index card for the car. Also present is the original Certi-Card and the original Window Sticker.

As evidenced by the original window sticker, this 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T came with the following standard features: Air Foam Front Cushion seats; Heavy Duty Drum Brakes; Firm Ride Shock Absorbers; Rallye Suspension; Torqueflite Transmission; Vinyl Trim; Red Streak Tires; 440 Magnum Engine, and; Bucket Seats. The base price was $3,199.00. However, this car has some options, including: (31H) Stripe, Red; (451) Power Brakes; (456) Power Steering; (483) Bumper Guards, Front & Rear; (485) Center Front Seat with Armrest; (521) Tinted Glass; (536) Remote Control Driver Side Mirror; (579) Undercoating & Under hood Pad, and; (580) Chromed Road Wheels.

Finished in White with the Red side pin-stripe and a Red bucket seat interior, and chrome road wheels with redlines, this is one sharp looking car! With one cosmetic repaint in 1995, this R/T retains all of its original body panels, trunk floor and floor pans, and has never had any body work or collision damage. All of the original trim is present, including the original grill, head light bezels, door handles, remote mirror, tail panel bezel and front/rear bumpers. These pieces are all date-coded originals, and are all pristine. All of the glass in the R/T is beautiful, and is original, date-coded glass.

As stated earlier, the interior is breathtaking. Every knob is perfect ... all of the chrome is perfect ... the upper door paint is perfect ... the steering wheel is perfect! Outside of new carpeting and replacement sill plates, it is all original to the car. The front bucket and rear seats are amazing. You could mistake them for new reproductions .. until you examine the stitching closely. All instrumentation and gauges work properly. Even the high beam indicator script lights up exactly as it should! The trunk has to be seen to be believed. It is 100% original and un-restored. Present is the original trunk mat, trunk board, spare tire/wheel, jack, jack handle and jack instructions. Again, these items are ORIGINAL.

The entire drive-train, from the 375 HP 440 Magnum, to the 8 3/4" axle with a 2.94 gear, is original to the car. Look at the engine compartment. The air cleaner, heads, intake, carburetor, exhaust manifolds, water pump, radiator and distributor are ORIGINAL. The engine is nicely detailed and appears as it should. All of the electronics are 100% bone stock original. A brand new Turbostart Group 27 maintenance free battery provides the power to start the 440. The engine starts with one twist of the key, cold or hot, and runs perfectly. I've driven this Coronet 250 miles and can attest to this. The original transmission shifts perfectly and there are no sounds of any kind from the rear end. This Coronet is simply a joy to drive. It motors, handles and brakes exactly the way it should, and is a testament to the meticulous maintenance performed by Mr. Leiphart over the years.

Mopar fans, if you've been looking for a 67 B Body car, and you want an impeccably documented, well-maintained, perfectly preserved, perfect running real R/T, look no further. This Coronet needs to go to someone who will appreciate it for what it is, and continue the 41 year history of maintaining it as a perfect example of how Dodge built these cars in 1967. This is a special car and deserves a special owner. This one's a keeper!

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