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Monday, August 10, 2009

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner 426 HEMI - see the video Click Here!

Here is a true investment grade Mopar—a national award winning 1968 HEMI Road Runner in a one-of-one color combo! The car is stunning, inside and out, cheerily calls out “Beep! Beep!” and RUNS!!!

Weber Racing built the Hemi for reliability with high performance. We think they accomplished that goal—the engine twisted their dyno to better than 600HP! It’s dressed for concours duty, too, with its date coded coil and wire set, re-chromed steel air cleaner and appropriate supporting parts from the wiper motor to the reproduction battery cables and battery. Dual Edelbrock carbs, a Classic Haulage base plate and a K&N filter get the mixture to the chambers while Mopar electronic ignition lights it off. The block is a vintage Hemi, built to romp on without worrying about running the car’s originality—get out and take down the competition!

Go fast at a low price—that was the Road Runner’s mission for 1968. This ‘runner got all dressed up with its décor package, and you can’t ignore the elephant under the hood, but this car was built for the sales bank with little else. Someone at Chrysler knew a car like this would end up tearing up the streets!

CAR: Plymouth Road Runner 2 Door Coupe
ENGINE: 426cid Hemi 2x4-bbl HP V8
TRANSMISSION: 3 Speed Automatic
TIRES: F70x15 Red Side Wall, nylon belted
BUILD DATE: March 07, 1968.
AXLE: 3.23 Rear Axle Ratio, Sure Grip
INTERIOR: High Trim Grade, Vinyl Split Bench Seats, Light Blue
PAINT: Silver Metallic Paint
OTHER: Light Blue Metallic Upper Door Frame Color. Décor Package Tail Panel
25: Drip Rail Moldings
47: 'B' Pillar Moldings (for coupe)
A1: 26in Radiator
F0: Décor Package

No power steering, no power brakes...heck—there’s no radio! All of the heavy duty Hemi gear is in place such as 11” brakes, the transmission cooler, 15” wheels, 26” radiator and the undercar reinforcements, but not much else! This Beeper wasn’t (and still isn’t) for the weak!

The car was in very nice shape before the restoration began, but the decision was made to turn it into a show winning contender. The body was completely stripped and expertly massaged before the brilliant coat of paint you see here was applied. Every piece of stainless and chrome was refinished before going back on. Gaps are excellent, the bodywork is nearly flawless, and the overall effect is stunning. The grille and tail panel, both difficult to source in good condition, are gorgeous. The silver finish is unusual for ’68, and is usually paired with a black interior. Blue is an awesome choice, and in hindsight looks perfect with the metallic exterior. I say hindsight as this is the only documented ’68 Hemi beeper that came through in the combo—if Chrysler had put more out there surely the orders would have come rolling in!

New Legendary interior items merge seamlessly with factory originals. Those are new door panels, new seats, new carpeting and a new headliner there with the restored original dash and steering wheel. The dash fascia pads are excellent originals. New seat foam means you’ll arrive in comfort while the Hemi makes for an exciting journey! The gauges all work as they should, and there’s a reproduction tach in the cluster and an old school oil pressure gauge underneath offering up additional vital information.

The undercarriage is as clean as the top, and all new and refurbished components are in place. The exhaust is a 2.5” system from TTI all the way to the tips. There’s a new fuel tank, polished stainless fuel lines (yes, someone took the time to polish the reproduction units) and everything else you’d expect on a high dollar restoration. New brakes stop the car with ease while new steering components make sure you’re in control. The floor pans are a glossy silver while the wheel wells are finished in the appropriate undercoating. Firestone F70x15 redlines surround the 15” wheels with mint restored center caps.

We have an A12 Super Bee that finished in 2nd place at the 2006 Mopar Nationals in the 1968-1970 B Body OE Class, and it is a world class car. There’s always room for improvement, but that car is so close to perfect, we wondered what could best it in a points judged competition. Well, we found out—THIS car did! That’s coincidence so unreal we’re shaking our heads over it! If you’re looking for an amazing, properly restored, national award winning Road Runner with HEMI power and a one of one color combination, this is your car. Investment grade? This car defines the words!

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