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Thursday, September 17, 2009

1969 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Coronet aficionados we’ve got a great one for you—a ’69 440 4 speed, Dana 60 rear R/T in cool red-on-red! Restored from the bottom up, with a Ramcharger hood, buckets and console, fresh paint and more this bad B Body is a heavy cruiser done right!

Outside you’ll find fresh, straight red paint accented just right with great bright-work. The panels were massaged straight and the gaps were set right before being drenched in basecoat/clear coat R6 Red. The bumpers were treated to a re-chroming; the grille is an excellent original as is the tail panel. New emblems, re-chromed and new shiny pieces and clear lenses add shimmer to a businesslike exterior. The Ramcharger hood scoops are new, as are their bezels. Stainless trim pieces have undergone a full polishing job while new radial redlines (205/70 front and 225/70 rear) surround brand new 15” chrome road wheels. New wheel-well moldings are standard R/T fare, as are rocker moldings, which will be installed on the car as soon as fresh reproductions arrive.

Here’s the original fender tag:

R11 V8X 26 END
G33 J25 L31 M21 M25 M46
A01 A04 A33 B51 C16 C55
R6 R6 P6R R6 102 119843
E86 D21 WS23 L9B xxxxxx
R11 AM radio
V8X Black bumblebee stripe
26 Heavy duty radiator
END No additional tags to follow
G33 Remote outside driver mirror
J25 Three speed wipers
L31 Fender mounted turn signals
M21 Drip rail moldings
M25 Rocker panel moldings
M46 Simulated quarter panel scoops
A01 Light package
A04 Basic group (AM radio, power steering, full wheel covers, power brakes)
A33 Track Pack (Dana 60 axle w/3.54 gears)
B51 Power brakes
C16 Center console
C55 Bucket seats
R6 R6 Red exterior paint, single tone
P6R Premium red vinyl bucket seats
R6 Upper door frame color, red
102 January 2, 1969 build date
119843 Plant sequence number
E86 440HP, 375hp engine
D21 Four speed manual transmission
WS23 Coronet R/T, 2 door hardtop
L9B 440HP, 1969 model year, Hamtramck assembly
Xxxxxx Sequential VIN

Inside, you’ll sit on fresh Legendary seat covers with new BE/A headrests, set your feet on new ACC carpet and rest your arm on repainted upper door frames with new PUI door panels, new chrome armrest bases and door handles and restored armrest pads. The dash pad is another BE/A part, and all of the padded vinyl pieces and other trim were refinished to get a consistent match—red interiors are notorious for aging to a hundred different shades! The wood-grain steering wheel in front of you is brand new piece, replacing the original red three spoke unit. It simply looks better!

Check the trunk for a brand new spare, the correct jack and a new mat. Get curious and lift a corner of that mat—it’s the original trunk floor, and it’s in great shape!

On the lift you’ll find the original undercoating’s been touched up for a clean appearance. The exhaust system is new and sounds great while new lines run brake fluid and gasoline to their appropriate outlets. The big Dana 60 with its 3.54 gear-set out back was blasted, painted and rebuilt with new bearings and fully detailed brakes. Detailed leaf springs and new shocks take care of the ride quality. Up front, the K frame was removed, blasted clean and reinstalled. All steering components are new and properly detailed. The lower control arms are painted with a translucent gold paint to simulate Cosmoline. A new driveshaft feeds power back from the numbers matching 18 spline transmission while a new clutch rides in the original bell-housing. It all adds up to a very drivable package that won’t need attention for a long while!

Pop the hood to check out the power-plant. You’ll have to pull the hood pins first—they’re not factory, but they looked tough and we kept ‘em. Those big twin scoops on the hood feed a new BE/A Ramcharger hood setup complete with the correct seal, air cleaner and fresh air cable. It wasn’t installed new, either, but who’s going to argue with a fresh air package on a muscle car??? The ’69 440HP (out of a GTX) runs great thanks to its fresh rebuild, and we dressed it up right with new spark plug wires, a proper coil, reproduction radiator and heater hoses and more. You’ll find a new group 27 reproduction battery in the corner connected up with new battery cables. This car’s ready to run.

Killer looks, a fresh restoration and credentials to back up the car, this 1969 Coronet R/T 4 Spee Dana is one to own, enjoy and watch rise in value. That’s having your cake and eating it, too!

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