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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Convertible - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


Another of my favorite colors! Q5, Bright Turquoise poly, is definitely in my top 5, and with good reason—it’s gorgeous! It oozes class and is something different in a world full of red cars. Now, drape that fantastic shade over a very cool car, say a Road Runner convertible, make sure it’s numbers matching, dress it to the nines and have both the fender tag and the broadcast sheet lying around!

Let’s start with the options on the fender tag.

M31 N88 R22 END
A01 A04 B51 G33 J25 L31
Q5 Q5 M2X X9 B04
E63 D32 RM27 H9G xxxxxx
M31 Belt line moldings
N88 Cruise control
R22 AM 8 track stereo radio
A01 Light group
A04 Basic group (AM radio, power steering, outside remote mirror, 3 speed wipers, deluxe hub caps)
B51 Power brakes
G33 Remote driver side mirror
J25 3 Speed wipers
L31 Fender mounted turn signals
Q5 Bright turquoise poly paint
Q5 (single color car)
M2X Black bench seat upholstery
X9 Black upper door frame paint
B04 October 4, 1968 build date
E63 383 335hp 4bbl engine
D32 Heavy Duty Torqueflite transmission
RM27 Road Runner convertible
H9G 383HP, 1969 model year, St. Louis assembly plant

Cruise control and an 8 track stereo—those are weird on their own let alone together! The broadcast sheet also lists the car with codes for Y39 (dealer demo car,) T83 (redlines,) C31 (headrests,) D53 (3.23 geared 8 ¾ axle,) J55 (undercoating, hood pad) and an S79 partial horn ring steering wheel!

A couple changes were made to the car to make it what it is today, and I don’t think anyone but the most hardcore purists would disagree with any of them! You’ll notice the buckets and console in place of the front bench, the homely wheel covers are gone in favor of an excellent set of road wheels with Coker 225/70/14 radial redlines, the underside is finished in satin black, smooth over clean sheet metal, instead of being gooped up by snarly undercoating and a hidden Mopar electronic ignition kit replaces the finicky points unit under the hood. Have a problem with any of these? Me either!

Now, let’s talk about what’s right. First, the finish—it’s stunning! Beautifully applied, the turquoise paint simply sparkles in the sun. The stainless trim is all buffed and shiny, the bumpers and window frames are re-chromed, the grille and taillights are new, all of the lenses are clear and the glass is excellent. Proper textured paint coats the hood and looks great. A new top goes up and down as new, everything electrical lights up and the new horn cheerily announces itself with a “Beep! Beep!”

Underneath, you’ll find clean sheet metal that’s been blasted clean of its undercoating and freshly draped in satin dark gray paint. The new exhaust system connects to the stock manifolds and heads underneath to a high flow X pipe and Flowmasters before ending up stock looking out back. The front suspension and all brakes have been rebuilt, there are all new lines and a new tank and strap set. The car’s nice and tight, sounds awesome and rides great! A peek in the trunk reveals a fifth Magnum 500 wheel with a brand new Coker redline, the proper jack, a new trunk mat keeping things tidy and the same beautiful turquoise paint following within. There’s even a full complement of ’69 Plymouth ads and a half pint of touch up paint, both of which are nice things to have!

The aforementioned buckets and console take center stage in the interior, but there’s more going on in here. The AM radio pulls in stations and Merle Haggard’s greatest hits plays on all four channels—you gotta have the classics lying around, right? New ACC carpet and embroidered floor mats lie at your feet; new Legendary door panels sit at your sides. A correct floor shift column was installed, and it holds the original black steering wheel with a partial horn ring. The motor fires to life with a twist of the key, the power steering works wonders and the power brakes make stopping a no brainer. Shift the car into drive—yes, it’s an automatic, but this is a drop-top cruiser and not some street terror—and take off!

Lift the hood to show off the highly detailed, original 383 engine. Underneath the proper molded hood pad you’ll find a new unsilenced air cleaner with a new pie pan, fresh orange paint, correct exhaust manifolds, date coded wires, new hoses, a new red top group 27 battery and a reproduction coil. You’ll also find the correct 053 22” radiator, as fresh and detailed as the rest of the compartment. A remanufactured wiper motor and brake assembly take hold of the firewall, anchored with new wiring and new ignition components. Power flows from the engine into the numbers matching transmission, the original driveshaft and the original rear. It all works well, and being original it makes sure your investment is safe!

Ready for topless fun? Radials, a well sorted power train, a new front suspension and great brakes means you’ll have a ton of fun without worry! Convertible beepers don’t grow on trees, either, and ones this well done are even harder to find!

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