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Sunday, September 20, 2009

1970 Mini Cooper S Mk 1 1340cc - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


Over the last 2 years an Extensive Restoration process has gone into preparation of this Promotional British Classic Show Car and finally it is in New Condition inside and out.

Engine Number is: 9FSAY44972
New British Racing Green paint with New White Roof.

The original A Series Engine is Cooper S 1275cc, but now is 1340cc including 2 x 1.5” SU Carburetors.

This truly unique little “Rocket” is just an Awesome Classic British Car, which continues to draw lots of attention and provide lots of fun driving it with all sort of an excitement coming from many people who see it sometimes passing through on the streets when it is driven around. From yelling to pointing some people really do notice this fantastic and probably today still the smallest car on the road.

Its firm suspension with the extra Cooper S rally front Damping Shocks has been installed to assist the hydro-elastic original factory set up. Rear Competition bump stops.(which the car pretty much runs on). Radford Coopers Front grille has been installed with additional spotlights, which both are now working as high beam lights. New Minilite Alloy Mag Wheels are 10inch x 6inch wide. Car has now Big Bore Straight through the Centre Exit of Exhaust. This car now truly sounds amazing and usually as always is appreciated by all mini fans, and people who love these Classic cars. It now sounds like the real Mini should sound… VERY LOUD! J

This car comes with years of many receipts and a possible an Australian history behind it. On one of the receipts from one of the four previous Owners it can be identified as – an Australian Institute of Sport, which is located in Canberra. All receipts will be supplied to the new Owner of this Amazing car as it comes with receipts for the last 20 years plus.

Car is currently registered in NSW and located in Sydney West. Please note: Private Plates = DO NOT COME WITH THIS CAR!

This is a Regrettable sale, due to other current major projects on hand, which need to be finalized this year.

New Paint - British Racing Green & White Roof & White Bonnet Stripes ($5000 including all required repairs) (July 2009)
New Interior - Full Trimming Inside ($1850) (July 2009)
New Headlining - White ($150) (July 2009)
New Carpet Inside ($150) (July 2009)
New Retrimed 3 x Piece Dashboard ($350) (July 2009)
New Wood grain Door Handles (From Japan $270) (August 2009)
New Gauges (From England $190) (January 2009)
New Italian Air Twin Horn ($45) (March 2009)
New Badges (From England Front & Back $175) (December 2009)
New Front Bumper Bar Overrides ($150 x pair) (August 2009)
New Chrome Side Moldings (Both sides - $59) (July 2009)
New 6 x Speaker System ($250) (July 2009)
New Chrome Front Both Sides Bullet Mirrors from UK (Made in England - $180) (May 2008)
New Sports 15" Steering Wheel (From England - $155) (May 2008)
New Gear Knob (From England - $45) (May 2008)
New John Cooper Front Bonnet Stickers (From England - $35) (May 2008)
New Ashtrays (Front & Back - $74) (July 2009)
New Wheels (Deep dish - $850) (February 2008)
New Tires ($350) (December 2008)
New Seat Belts ($120) (February 2008)
New Window Rubbers ($480) (July 2009)
New Tailgate Cables ($30) (August 2009)
New Front Brake Pads ($50) (December 2008)
New Rear Drum Brakes ($160) (December 2008)
New 123 Electronic Distributor ($550) (December 2008)
New Braded Lines ($45) (December 2008)
New Spark Plugs ($15) (August 2009)
New Spark Plugs Leads ($25) (August 2009)
New Coil ($55) (December 2008)
New Car Battery ($100) (August 2009)
Radford Front Grill ($250) (February 2008)
Reconditioned Radiator ($90) (December 2008)

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