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Saturday, September 26, 2009

2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Twin Turbo Custom - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Until last year the new Corvette Z06 reigned supreme. Sporting an aluminum frame, carbon fiber bodywork, a 427 cubic inch engine with 505 horsepower and brakes strong enough to stop a battleship this is a formidable weapon capable of taking on the world. GM then dropped the big one: The Corvette ZR1. Supercharged and sporting 638hp this is the 800lb gorilla in the Corvette lineup. What to do if you’ve already got a Z06 and want to pass up the new king of the road, low flying aircraft and most orbiting satellites? You’d build what’s here—an 1138RWHP monster with twin turbos!

Starting with a “standard” Z06 with only 6,000 original miles, the car was taken to LG Motorsports in Wylie, TX for a radical mechanical makeover. LG builds Corvettes for the American Le Mans Series and is very familiar with GM’s supercar. They pulled the LS7 engine and set it aside. This level of horsepower calls for a GMPP LSX block—the strongest solution available. LG did a full comp prep job on the block before stuffing it full with a Callies race master forged crank and H beam rod set, custom forged pistons, Total Seal rings, a custom LG grind cam and matching valve springs, a Katech roller timing chain, Cometic head gaskets, ARP bolts and high performance bearings. All told the motor displaces the same 427ci as the stock mill but is exponentially stronger and with a lower compression ratio. The stock heads and rockers were bolted back down as-is because they’re flat out the best set of stock heads Chevrolet ever bolted to a small block V8. We also have the original short block and all other removed components—they’re yours if you want them!

There’s only one reason to lower the compression on a hot motor, and that’s to add boost. In the case of this car, LG tweaked a high power APS twin turbo, twin intercooler setup until it produced better than double the car’s stock rating! The APS kit is no eBay China-made setup, either—if it doesn’t come in the kit you don’t need it, and their kit is specifically set up for the Z06. At the heart of the system are the two liquid cooled .82 A/R Garrett GT35R ball bearing turbos which each support over 700hp. APS manufactures their own turbine housings so they can mate to their cast iron headers to keep the packaging as tight as possible. The exhaust flows through 3” mandrel bent stainless piping where it meets up with a pair of TiAL 44mm waste-gates before continuing on to the stock mufflers and tips. Amazingly this car is as quiet as stock, and considering the only outward change in appearance are the LG Motorsports logos, this could be the ultimate Q ship. The charged air flows through a pair of super high efficiency bar and plate intercoolers, into a cast MAF sensor tube and into the motor. Cooling duties are handled by the APS add-on oil cooler and a G2 Super Cool aluminum radiator. With its high stock compression ratio, APS was still able to add more than 200rwhp to the stock engine. Their ad says it all about this beast, though: “Just like the APS turbochargers, the APS intercoolers have massive additional headroom available.” With over six hundred horsepower more than stock we’d have to agree!

Power is useless without the ability to deliver it reliably. Tilton’s 7.25” carbon triple plate clutch transfers power back through a carbon fiber driveshaft and on through carbon fiber half-shafts. The stock brakes are beyond reproach and work flawlessly. The lightweight stock wheels hold Hoosier open track tires in a nearly hopeless attempt to keep the car pointed in the right direction. The suspension is likewise stock but it’s a world class setup. Now, with as much air entering the motor as it does you need the fuel system to keep up. LG installed their own setup consisting of two massive externally mounted fuel pumps, a fuel sump in the fenderwell to provide fuel under any circumstances, huge lines, a new tank and an integrated Snow Performance methanol injection kit. Check out the pictures—this is sick stuff!

Inside the car you’ll find a custom chromoly roll bar and G Force Racing harnesses. There’s a line lock on the side of the shifter and a round display to the right of the instrument panel. That controls the level of boost and runs the boost-by-gear setup, which allows less boost in lower gears to aid in traction. It’s a safety device and a racer’s aid because it helps limit wheel-spin until the car’s gearing is tall enough to put all of the power to the ground. Other than those changes this is a stock appearing Corvette…too bad that’s all the competition is going to figure out until it’s too late!

Around 300 miles have been put on the car since its construction, so it’s well sorted. Awesome Z06 underpinnings, a stealthy appearance and nearly as much horsepower as two ZR1 Corvettes, this is one silver streak that answers to no one!

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