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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Open Tourer - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)


Year : 1926
Make : Rolls-Royce
Model : Phantom I
Coachbuilder : Windovers
Body Type : Open Tourer
Colour : Wedgewood Blue over Black
Trim : Black Leather

History : By 1925 the exceptionally successful eighteen year production run of the Silver Ghost had firmly put Rolls-Royce at the forefront of motor car production. The term “The Best Car in the World” had been deservingly earnt thanks to the soundness of its design and the pain staking lengths the Rolls-Royce engineers and workmen went to during construction. It is fair to say that the Ghost’s efficiency, reliability and superb performance were unmatched at the time. Its reputation laid the foundations for the continued success of the company and following seven years of development on the 2nd of May 1925 a new chapter began with the introduction of the New Phantom, which later became known as the Phantom I. One major improvement over the Silver Ghost was the introduction of the pushrod operated overhead valve engine. Three groups of two cylinders with detachable heads powered the 7.7 litre engine, producing rapid acceleration and the ability to maintain high speeds for periods of time “undreamt of before.” The New Phantom was able to produce 33% greater horse power at just over 2,000 rpm than its predecessor, thanks to a number of mechanical improvements. The New Phantom was a great success and was considered to be a very worthy successor to the Silver Ghost. Production lasted until early 1930 with a total of 2,269 chassis produced on English soil whilst a little more than 1,200 further chassis were produced at the Rolls-Royce factory in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States. The standard chassis rolled off the production line with a price tag of £1,850 and then it was up to the new owner to instruct the coachbuilder of his/her choice to construct coachwork to their taste. Windovers factory in Colindale, North London was particularly prolific in production terms during the 1920’s following their relocation from Huntingdon producing a wide range of bodies for the New Phantom chassis. Windovers were responsible for bodying just over twenty open tourer bodies for the Phantom I chassis identical to Chassis No 132LC which we are proud to be offering for sale at this time. Windovers work was admired by a number of the Indian Princes and it should be noted that identical open tourer bodies were crafted for the likes of the Maharajah of Nanpara and the Maharajah of Kashmir. His Highness the Kumar of Viziangaram also had such a body constructed by Windovers but chose solid gold and silver fittings as opposed to the standard nickel finish. Well.....if you can afford it, why not. Chassis No 132LC was originally delivered on the 27th of May 1926 to Mr Taylor of Tadworth in Surrey finished as is it is today, in Wedgewood blue over black with a black hood. 132LC appears to have spent lengthy periods of time in both England and the United States of America. At some point prior to the 1960’s the coachwork was re-painted yellow and black. However it was restored to its original configuration of blue over black during a high quality restoration some decades ago whilst in England. Records show that 132LC returned to the United States in the late 1960’s before returning to British shores in around 1990. It has since spent one further period of time on American soil before returning to London quite recently. The car comes complete with its rear screens and full all weather gear including side screens, a detachable tail mounted trunk and copies of the original factory build sheets and chassis cards. The restoration has stood the test of time well and the car still presents beautifully. Having been mechanically reviewed and tuned by our engineers we can report that this superb motor cars on road performance is exceptional and is ready to be used for touring if so desired. In our opinion this magnificent pre-war Rolls-Royce will surely serve its next proud owner with distinction.

Condition : An older restoration that has stood the test of time very well. In very good order throughout.

Technical Data : Four speed manual gearbox, 6 cylinder in-line engine, 7.7 litres displacement, 7,668cc capacity. Servo-assisted brakes.

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