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Monday, October 26, 2009

2004 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR M155 Supercharged - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)


Engine size 5.5-litre
Engine type M155 Supercharged V8, 90-degree vee angle
Bore / Stroke 97mm / 92mm
Compression ratio 8.8:1
Valve train Single overhead cam per bank, chain driven
Induction system Eight-butterfly system - carbon airbox/tilter
Engine block Cast aluminium alloy
Cylinder head Cast aluminium alloy - three valves per cylinder

Dimensions Performance
Length 4675mm Max. Power 442KW @ 6600rpm
Width 1925mm Max. Torque 780Nm @ 3500rpm
Height 1275mm Maximum rpm 7000
Wheelbase 2700mm 0-100kph 3.8 seconds
Front Track 1638mm 0-200kph 10.6 seconds
Rear Track 1569mm 0-300kph 28.8 seconds
Max. Speed 334kph

Front brakes 370mm diameter carbon ceramic disc brakes with eight-cylinder fixed aluminium calipers. Front brake cooling inlets in front bumper assembly.
Rear brakes 360mm diameter Carbon ceramic disc brakes with four-cylinder fixed aluminium calipers at the rear. Drum brake on rear wheels incorporated as parking brake. Rear brake-cooling inlets situated underneath vehicle.
Braking control Sensotronic Brake Control system and Electronic Stability Programme including ASR and ABS with override switch.
Transmission Mercedes NAG-V five-speed auto with reverse. Fully automatic with semi-automatic option.

Front suspension Forged aluminium double wishbone assembly, housed in die-cast aluminium uprights. High mounted anti-roll bar, coil-springs & telescopic dampers. Carry-over steel hub & bearings. Anti-dive geometry with rocker-actuated double wishbone rising rate.
Rear suspension Forged aluminium double wishbone assembly, housed in die-cast aluminium uprights, incorporates coil-springs & telescopic dampers & carry-over steel hub & bearings. Features anti-squat geometry with rocker-actuated double-wishbone rising rate.
Aerodynamics Automatic downforce enhancement, incorporating variable-position flap at the rear edge of the boot. Features two automatic and one manually-selected positions between zero when stationary and 65 degrees under heavy braking.

Steering rack Rack & pinion power-assisted. Valve optimised for maximum driver feel. Energy-absorbing upper column with bespoke intermediate and lower column.

Wheel rims Lightweight cast aluminium with five-stud fixing. (Front) 18-inch by nine-inch; (Rear) 18-inch by 11.5-inch
Tyres Bespoke ZR rating asymmetric/directional tyres developed by Michelin (Front) 245x40x18-inch; (Rear) 295x35x18-inch

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