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Sunday, November 22, 2009

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 6 Pack - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


Looking for a long-distance cruiser, but it's gotta be a numbers-matching six pack? Those don't come along frequently—they're usually loaded up with big axles and tough-riding equipment. Ma Mopar sure did bolt together a few odd ones, though, and this one’s pretty far out there! Take a hot new '70 Road Runner, give it the 440 six pack engine, high impact paint and an Air Grabber hood, but make sure there's a set of 3.23's out back, disc brakes and power steering...and definitely don't forget the “air foam” bench seat! This is a real dual-personality jobber!

Looking over the ORIGINAL Chrysler Corporation Broadcast sheet, there are a couple codes that are unusual for those of us below the Great White North: Y07 Canadian order and Y89 new car pre-service, Windsor, ON. Adding in code Y22 corporate lease car—corporate executive clarifies things a lot...this was most likely a traveling district manager's car! It's not like a six pack with 3.23's won't get going in a hurry but it was the most economical gear available on the Road Runner! Perfect for the busy executive on the move!

Here’s are the highlights from the build sheet:

RM23: Plymouth Belvedere Road Runner, two door hardtop

V0A: 440 390HP 3-2BBL 8 CYL, 1970, Lynch Road, Detroit MI, USA final assembly

E87: 440 cid 3x2 barrel V8 (High Performance) 390hp

D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission

FY1: Lemon Twist Exterior Color

H2X9: Trim - High, Bench seat, Black

X9: Black Upper Door Frame Paint

B24: Build Date: November 24, 1969

A04: Basic Group

B41: Disc Brakes

B51: Power Brakes

C65: Air Foam Bench Seat

D53: 3.23 Ratio 8 ¾ Axle, Open Differential

G33: LH Remote Racing Mirror

J45: Hood Tie Down Pins

L31: Hood Mounted Turn Signals

M21: Roof drip rail moldings

M81: Front Bumper Guards

M83: Rear Bumper Guards

N41: Dual Exhaust

N85: Tachometer

N96: Air Grabber Hood

R11: Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts)

R31 Rear Speaker

S15 Hemi Suspension

S77 Power Steering

U62: F60-15 Polyglas Tires

V8X: Tail Stripe, Black

W21: Rallye Wheels

Y07: Build to Canadian Specs

Oftentimes, Chrysler and other companies would load cars up with a mishmash of their new options to show what’s available to order, even if the car’s total equipment package seems to make no sense! A six pack car, with no exhaust tips, the basic 22” radiator, an open diff, hood pins but no performance hood treatment...this car's certifiable! There were so many choices Mopar offered, and after looking at so many cars, we're completely drawn to odd combinations above all else! Pull up at a car show with this car, find a couple Mopar “experts” and watch their eyes bug out of their heads when they scan the fender tag and build sheet!

So enough about the paperwork: How’s the car? Deep gloss Lemon Twist yellow paint coats the straight body and looks good from every angle. The grille is near NOS and the bumpers are re-chromed. All of the small chrome pieces such as the door handles are new, and the stainless trim was given a high-quality polish job. You'll see the performance hood treatment, dust trails and exhaust tips added to the car—can you blame us for wanting a flashier Beeper??? BFGoodrich Radial T/A’s, 225/70/15 front and 275/60/15 rear, wrap rallye wheels equipped with new trim rings and center caps. This is a car that turns heads!

Inside you’ll find new seat covers front and rear from Legendary, and you'll see the much sportier buckets-and-console set has taken up residence. If you're a purist, though, we have the original bench seats and door panel set in excellent condition. There's a new ACC carpet, new sill plates, a new package tray, a very nice, un-cracked dash pad, new door panels, new window cranks and inside door handles. Whew! The gauges all work and are in great shape. I'm sure our Chrysler district rep would approve!

Scan underneath and find clean sheet metal covered in protective undercoating. The 8 ¾ rear with its 3.23 gears (and an added Sure Grip) does its job without complaint, taking power from the tight automatic transmission. A brand new Accurate Exhaust Products system and new chrome tips poking out from below the rear bumper not only looks great but sounds nice and throaty. The brakes are new as is the suspension. There’s nothing overdone here—this is a car that can and is meant to be driven! Open the trunk to find a spare tire, the complete jack assembly and a new trunk mat. This is a complete car!

Pop the hood and find the ORIGINAL numbers matching 440 six pack motor, well detailed and bolted to the ORIGINAL transmission. Take a guess as to how many original V code Mopars still have their entire factory drive trains—we haven’t seen many! Fresh Hemi Orange paint covers the mill, while the exhaust manifolds are coated with Eastwood high temp compound. The air cleaner’s the correct one and it covers correct, date coded carburetors. Also in there is a re-cored radiator and a new group 27 “red cap” battery. New radiator hoses, Mopar heater hoses, Corbin clamps throughout, a new engine wiring harness and electronic ignition are also there for your perusal. Freshly tuned the car’s a runner, and the Six Pack looks awesome when the hood’s popped!

Ready for a documented, numbers matching Road Runner that you can actually drive? Collecting is all about having rare and unusual pieces—they don’t come too much more rare than this one! Priced right and ready for 20 more years of showing and cruising, you won’t find a cooler 1970 V code car any time soon!

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