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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


As the only car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo was at the world exhibition in Montreal in 1967, invited to give their bids on the theme 'The ultimate dream car'. There seems to be that the car looks like a concept car, it's no wonder. This is exactly what it is. With Alfa Romeo Montreal went directly after their high-profile competitors, Ferrari Dino 246 GT and Citroen Maserati SM, the wall.

Designed created such an awareness that the Alfa so compelled to produce the car and it thus became the first European concept car that went into production. Before Montreal'en hit the streets 3 years after in 1970, it was necessary to find an engine which was better suited to Bertone groundbreaking design. A supercar could not be sold with the modest 4-cylinder engine Giulia, who was in urgent plop in the show car.

The answer lay right under the nose of Alfa Romeo, which had just gone into sports car racing with their tremendous Tipo 33 sports prototypes. To Tipo 33 stradale and sports car races, had the head of the Auto Delta, the former Ferrari engineer Carlo Chiti designed a V8 with 4 overhead camshafts, producing up to 350 hp. Montreal'en elected to Alpha changing bore and stroke to 80 mm and 64.5 mm and was thus a strong overkvadratisk engine of 2.6 liters.

Otherwise, only a few things changed in 33 racing engine. Apart from changing the cam profiles, smaller valves and compression ratio lowered from 10.7:1 to 9.0:1, was still racing V8 with 90 degree cylinder angle, entirely in aluminum and with hemispheric combustion chambers. It had tørsumpsmøring and Spica injection fed by 2 Bosch fuel pumps.

A masterpiece of an engine, which technically was quite on a par with the finest things from Ferrari and Maserati, only more robust. Contributed to the high durability of more expensive cases were retained from the Tipo 33 engine: Forged steel crankshaft, vibration absorbing stålplejlstænger in special tungsten alloy and pistons with lightweight aluminum. A carefully designed with extremely long intake funnels stored in air filter box, was optimized to give maximum ram effect. This means that 90% of this thoroughbred engine torque is present as low as 2700 rpm. It gave an incredibly smooth, flexible engine, despite its racing origin was very sociable and could be driven by all.

The gearbox selected Alfa Romeo, to purchase from ZF. A 5-speed box with a very long first gear in 'dog-leg' to-ventre-down position and the 2nd - 5th gear laid out in the normal H. A good choice for the gearboxes have proved almost impossible to destroy. Rear axle with slip came also from ZF.

The list of technical sophistication and detail in this car is almost endless. From the advanced ignition systems to the very well designed, comfortable seats. One thing is worth highlighting: As one of the most radical new solutions to the time that Alfa Romeo chose to give Montreal'en a comprehensive anti-corrosion protection. After production at Bertone small production line that became the raw Bodies Tires and Rims driven to a new advanced factory in Grugliasco, where they only received a zinc phosphate treatment and was then completely submerged in a series elektroforesebade before they got the final painting. The result was a super effective against rust, as Alfa was one of the time and as far removed from the rust some problems connecting with Alfa Romeo.

It all sounds expensive, so it was expensive. A buyer could get both a Jaguar E-type convertible AND a Jaguar E-type coupe home and stand in the garage for the price of one
Montreal. It is almost a miracle that this car was ever built and today, stands a Montreal remains as an icon, put together by unusually refined and sophisticated technique.

This copy is in Marrone metallizzata with bright fabric interior. The original Spica mechanical injection systems have been replaced by an electronic Bosch Jetronic. A very sensible and effective up-grade, which makes maintenance and servicing easier. The original Spica injection system included if you want the car returned to the original. Montre Alen here could use a lighter repairs / cosmetic restoration. Among other things paintwork is not the best anymore, but as the pictures hopefully show car is absolutely presentable and to use and enjoy as is.

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