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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2000 Ferrari 360 GT - Racecar For Sale


This stunning car (chassis #118642) was delivered in Switzerland in 2000 and was raced during one season in the Challenge series. In 2001 the vehicle was sold to a collector having covered 6500km. In 2002 modifications where carried out and the car received a swiss road registration. In 2006 the owner decided to upgrade the car to full GT specification. Ventilated endurance brakes where fitted, the bodywork was modified, front and rear sploilers were added. The air inttake and ECU were modified to increase power to 425 bhp. In 2007 the mechanicals, engine and gearbox were revised, new cambelts were fitted. The F1 controls, wheel barings, brake disks, engine starter, alternator and exhaust manifolds were replaced as well. The car has now covered 28.000 km of which about 10.000 on race tracks. The cost of the modifications and servicing carried out in 2007 exceeds 75.000 Euros. The car comes with a passenger seat and harnesses and one additional set of wheels with rain tyres. The condition, both mechanically and cosmetically can only be described as pristine. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a stunning 360 GT, capable of very impressive perfomance on the track and perfectly enjoyable on open roads as well.

Please call Victor at +32 2 7700845 for price and viewing.

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