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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1929 Ford Model A Truck - Classic Truck For Sale (Click Here)


The Model A Pickup coincided with the launch of the new Model A in 1928, although the body for the first two years was more or less that of the earlier Model T Runabout Pickup. Closed cab pickups were not introduced until August, 1928. In mid-1930, a new body style was introduced with wider fenders and a one-piece flat-folding windshield. Body styles included the Sedan Delivery (also known as the Deluxe Delivery), Open Cab Pickup, Closed Cab Pickup, Panel Delivery, and Town Car Delivery. The Closed Cab Pickup was by far the most popular, while the Town Car Delivery saw extremely limited production: only 3 of them were built in 1930, the first year of their production, followed by an additional 196 manufactured in 1931, the final year of the Model A.

This particular 1929 Ford Model A pickup truck has recently gone through a complete restoration to make it what you see today. Finished in dark green with black fenders, the truck has recently received a new wood bed and stakes installed which look great. Converted to a 12 volt system with alternator, the truck is more reliable and easier starting then most, original styled 6 volt Model A’s.

The paint on the truck is in great condition with no major blemishes to be found besides the rear tailgate where the chains have taken off some of the paint. The rest of the truck, looks very good with only some minor scratches. All the wood in the bed looks newer and shows no signs of rot. The same goes for the wood stakes. The steel fenders are in very good condition with no major dings and scratches and look great.

The black bench seat inside is nearly perfect. It shows no rips or tears. The inside of the truck is painted the same color as the exterior except for the dash, which has been sprayed black. The door panels and kick panels are finished in the same matching black vinyl that the seat is finished in. There have been wood bows installed on the headliner which is a nice touch. The aftermarket light switch is working with no problems and turns on all lights in the front and rear.

The inline 4 cylinder motor runs great. This is an electric start truck and is on a 12 volt system. The brakes work well and the transmission performs as it should. The wire wheels are in great condition and are wrapped with 6 ply tires that are in good overall condition with some dry rot and cracking. The VIN number is 1476466 and is being sold on a clean Oklahoma title. Keep your eyes open as we just purchased a wonderful 1928 Model A "AR" Roadster Pick Up that has gone through a complete restoration!

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