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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1948 Connaught L2 - Racecar For Sale


Make: Connaught L2 , 2L, Racing Car
Type: RHD - MPH 329
Year: 1948

This is the first production car, Connaught made.
Connaught (Continental Automobiles), was founded in 1946 by designer engineers Rodney Clarke and Mike Oliver. Initially, the company specialised in preparing and tuning prewar Grand Prix machinery such as Bugatti T59 and Maserati 8CM.
With the help of a financial backer (Mc Alpine), the young company decided to build their onw designed race cars. This was the L2 sport racing car, based on heavily uprated Lea-Francis running gear.

The first 2 cars produced (MPH329 and MPH996) distincted themselves by winning immediately the races they were entered in (Prescott 12th of June 1949, Goodwood 13th of August 1949, Blanford meeting 1949).

As you can see from the photographs, MPH329 is nowadays still in excellent racing condition. Still equiped as from original with the uprated 2 liter Lea-Francis engine fed by 4 Amal carburettors. Well maintained by careful owners over the years, this racing car could be an exciting and very interesting entry to all important historic race events.

I have an impressive documentation file which ofcourse will come with this race car. Particularly the previous race results illustrated with charming black/white photographs. Amongst these found excellent competition results obtained by this Connaught with several 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on circuits all over England (Silverstone, Goodwood, Prescott) but also abroad (Chimay-Belgium).

In conclusion, this Connaught L2 race car represents a once in a liftime opportunity for someone who could like to participate at all major historic race events without having to break the bank.

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