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Friday, December 4, 2009

1963 Mercury Comet Stationwagon - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)


Make: Mercury Comet
Type: Custom Stationwagon LHD
Year: 1963
Price: 14000 euro
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Are you ready to enjoy the summer behind the steering wheel and 'juke box' dash of this immaculate cruiser?
This Mercury was originally sold new in Switzerland, where she always received meticulous maintenance. Some history is present. Interior is still in lovely and perfect original condition. Period radio, black & white upholstery and juke box-style dashboard bring the sixties immediately back to life. Wind the rear window down and open the boot for immense luggage space. If you want to store your surfboards or sleep, simply fold down the rear bench and a flat 2m plus luggage space appears.

The optional 170Cu-in. straight six, which represents the most powerful engine option on this model, offers smooth torque and performance through a manual 4-speed floor shift transmission. Engine bay is very clean showing a healthy leak-free straight six, which typically whispers quietly when idling. Cylinder compressions were measured, showing all over 10bar. Very good oil pressure even when hot. Rebuilt dynamo. Mechanics are benefiting of a recent complete service.

After passing without difficulty the Belgian ContrĂ´le Technique as a 'modern' car some months ago, she is now ready for some summer action!

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