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Monday, December 21, 2009

1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR 340 6 Pack - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Here's a very special AAR to drool over—numbers matching, expertly restored, cool color, Elastomeric front bumper, broadcast sheet and it's a four speed car. Restored on a rotisserie, and sorted out well enough to drive it daily, this is one of the nicest and most well rounded Trans-Am cars you're likely to find in your lifetime.

Documentation is always important with these cars, and this car's hiding nothing. We have TWO original broadcast sheets, the original window sticker, the original fender tags, the Galen Govier report, matching stamps on the body and original stampings on the motor and transmission. One broadcast sheet is the standard copy from under the rear seat but the other is the inspector's copy with footnotes and markings. This is a time where "what you see is what you get" is a major plus!

AARs and T/As have at least two tags, one (or more) for codes and a second tag that says “TRANS AM” for the A53 package. Here’s the fender tag breakdown:

R11 V6H Y05 26 EN1
J45 J82 M21 M88 N44 N94
FK5 A21 A53 B51 C55 G36
FK5 H6X9 000 402 N03107
E55 D21 BS23 J0B 292xxx
R11 AM Radio (2 Watts)
V6H "Strobe" Stripes
Y05 Build to USA Specs
26 26” Radiator
EN1 End of codes, Line 1
J45 Hood Tie Down Pins
J82 Rear Spoiler - Duck Tail
M21 Roof drip rail moldings
M88 Quarter Panel Tape Treatment
N44 Side Exhaust
N94 Fiberglass Fresh Air Hood
FK5 Deep Burnt Orange exterior
A21 Elastomeric Front Bumper Package
A53 Trans Am Package
B51 Power Brakes
C55 Bucket Seats
G36 OS Dual Racing Mirrors, Painted
FK5 Deep Burnt Orange exterior
H6X9 Black Bucket Seat Interior
000 No Upper Door Frame Paint
402 April 2, 1970 Build Date
N03107 Sequence Number
E55 340 cid 3x2 barrel V8
D21 Four Speed Manual Transmission
BS23 ‘Cuda Hardtop
J0B 340+6 Engine, 1970 Model Year, Hamtramck Assembly
292xxx VIN

Pull the hood pins and gently lift on the hood (not the scoop!) to show the immaculately detailed engine compartment. As a reminder, this is the ORIGINAL 340 engine, placed in this AAR on the assembly line in 1970. There are the correct hoses and spark plug wires, the air filter’s correct, the motor’s the right shade of orange and the compartment itself is gorgeous. Cool little details are everywhere from the date coded voltage regulator to the correct driver side exhaust manifold gasket. The underside of the hood is matte black (non textured) as original and the hood treatment follows the cowl as it should. The correct group 25 battery's in the corner and the original 974 radiator's up front. The motor runs better than new and the power steering is a welcome factory option. Backing up the 340 is the ORIGINAL A833 4 speed manual transmission, newly rebuilt, with flawless functionality.

We put this guy on the lift and were very happy to find what we saw. Clean, original floor pans and frame rails have been treated to the same glossy FK5 hue as the topside. Fully detailed front and rear suspensions look awesome against the clean backdrop. A new exhaust system's in place from head pipes to chrome tips. Rallye wheels hold F60-15 front and G60-15 rear Goodyear Polyglas tires as the AAR and T/A models were the first production cars in America to have staggered tire sizes. Also present is the top level suspension with Hemi-spec torsion bars and leaf springs and front and rear sway bars, and all of it is very well done.

Detailing a ‘Cuda 101 continues in the trunk with the correct BFGoodrich space saver spare, jack and inflator bottle. Lifting the correct mat reveals a trunk pan fit for a kitchen table with all of the proper plugs and access covers.

Sold new by Spring Valley Motors in Spring Valley, Illinois, the car was obviously cared for and kept right. The 53,000 miles shown on the odometer feels right and the body's condition is right in line. Panel fit is excellent and the body is very straight. Basecoat/clearcoat burnt orange paint lays flat and clear while the blacked-out areas are done in a very even matte black textured paint. One of only 75 known in Deep Burnt Orange, the color is as uncommon as it is beautiful, accounting for a mere 7% of known cars! I love the color on AARs because it works so well with the blacked out treatments. Chrome and stainless trim pieces are excellent and the Elastomeric front bumper is straight and flat, complimenting the outstanding finish from the AAR-specific grille to the taillight bezels. Looking like it should have been a standard part on the Trans Am cars, the fully functional, 1970 date coded hood tach is a real eye catcher. A factory accessory straight out of the Hustle Stuff catalog it's been on the car since it was nearly new!

The interior is in the same excellent shape as the rest of the car. New Legendary seat covers and foams take center stage, accented on the floor by the original pistol grip shifter. A mint dash pad covers the excellent original gauges, the steering wheel and column are as new, and everything from the carpet to the headliner is new and professionally installed.

This is a gorgeous AAR, fully detailed, running beautifully, numbers matching and fully documented. We sold our Mopar Nats winning Sassy Grass AAR automatic car $119,900, and dare we say, this one is very nearly the equal of that car, AND it’s a 4 speed. If you’re in the market for one of the coolest, lowest production cars Mopar built during the muscle car era, with ALL the right stuff, this is the one that you want! Don’t wait on it, because it’s not going to wait on you!

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