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Monday, January 18, 2010

1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan T-Bird - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


1956 FORD FAIRLANE, less than 110,000 original miles on this CALIFORNIA CAR!

This is a very clean and well maintained vehicle in excellent mechanical condition; color, Buckskin Tan and Colonial White. There have been four ownersof this car: Originally purchased 6/30/56 by Thorndyke Roe at Mark Turban, Inc. CA, for $3,112.59. Roe was allegedly ill for the next + - 20 years and drove very little. The car was then owned by Lee Horn, CA supposedly his nephew. The third owner was Edgar B. See, CA who sold the car to us 7/13/2000 at 89K miles for our daughter’s High School curser. This car was rated #2 on a scale of 5 (#1 being the highest) by CA Classic Car Center 6/97 for Lee Horn. We have the original '56 sales document, owners manual, shop manual, etc.

OME options include; the T-BIRD 292 Y block engine, Auto Trans., Backup Lights, Lifeguard Safety Package (Seat belts, padded dash (foam has deteriorated), swivel rear view mirror, etc.), Radio, Heater, Tinted Windows, Power Brakes, and Side View Mirror. The engine was rebuilt at 89,283 miles to eliminate the need to add lead substitute to the gas. The engine was removed and the engine compartment painted with Imron paint 4/2007. The transmission was rebuilt 1/2002 @ 80,818 miles. A complete brake job; wheel cylinders, brake lines, shoes, wheel bearings and seals was done 11/2005 @ 95,454 miles, the master cylinder was replaced 3/2004. Air conditioning was installed 8/2007 and the electrical system was upgraded to an alternator. If AC is not desired, it can be removed and the generator reinstalled. The front end, steering linkage, ball joints, control arm bushings, etc., was completely rebuilt 8/2002. New battery was installed 8/2007. Edgar B. See had the front seat reupholstered in the original cloth fabrics and had a custom vinyl cover made to protect the seat. Also, comes with a never installed shoulder harness (3 point seat belt kit) and a trunk full of inventoried spare body trim and mechanical parts (Call me).

I have maintained a complete categorical maintenance and repair log from 7/2000 to date. All receipts for parts and repairs are on file. I have nearly every classic Ford parts catalogue from around the country. Please inspect and drive this car, or have someone inspect and drive this very nice car on your behalf. This Fairlane is a great driver and is the perfect candidate for a frame up restoration.

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