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Friday, February 12, 2010

1951 Mercedes-Benz 170 - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


We bought it from Sweden in 2003, shortly after it had been thoroughly renovated some 10-20years ago. In the glove compartment there are still the original German and Swedish user manuals. We have cared well for the car since it came to our country of fire and ice, only taking it out for short rides when the sun shines. It has been used for weddings and also taken part in classic car parades. The engine, attended by a seasoned mechanic this fall, is 1767 cc and gives 52 horsepower. It is in mint condition and runs very smoothly. The interior of the car is very fine with rusty beige colored plush upholstery everywhere, and the exterior mostly very good, although there are small spots here and there like wrinkles on the skin of an old gentleman.

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