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Sunday, May 9, 2010

1986 Atlantis A1 4.2 Litre 6 Cyl - Classic Car For Sale


The Atlantis is a French inspired retro style car of the early 1930's. Not a copy but an original design produced from drawings and models. This including the details such as mascot and radiator badge. Produced between 1982 and 1986 only a limited number of these cars were built, both in fixed head and convertible form. Also a one off racing version with 454cu in Chevrolet engine was built to special order. Since publishing the Atlantis Motor Company web site several owners of the Atlantis have been in touch and are very enthusiastic about their cars.

The Atlantis received huge acclaim in press revues and by professional designers as well as much praise and admiration from the public wherever the cars were seen.

A large amount of interest has been seen lately in the Atlantis car and therefore the decision has been made to recommence production. This would be even more viable now than when the car was originally produced. Now that new cars have become so full of technology and characterless efficiency, there is a renewed interest in hand built craftsmanship where gadgets are less important than individuality and style.

The Atlantis was last produced in 1986. All the original jigs, patterns, moulds and drawings have been carefully preserved and are available to restart production. Any help and advice required is available to make the project completely successful, from myself, Michael Booth, the original designer.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved with one of the most exclusive, prestigious and beautiful cars ever produced.

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