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Friday, June 11, 2010

1954 Kaiser Kaiser-Darrin - Classic Car For Sale


When searching for a unique car it is important to determine how many you have seen. Well can you recall the last Kaiser that pulled in to your local car show? I sure can't! This gem is unique from the front grill to the side doors. Camaros and Chevelles always tend to blend together, but throw a Kaiser in the middle and everyone will stop to ask some questions. Most of which being what is it? With only 435 built, the 1954 Kaiser Darrin is a very rare car. This car is #281 of only 179 documented to still exist. It was only manufactured for a limited number of years by Willys, a company which too had a short existence. This bright red roadster is exactly what many people picture when thinking of a sports car. With the black top down and the radio blasting this Kaiser is perfect for cruising the town. The 161 cubic inch six cylinder may not sound like much but when put into this light weight hotrod produces plenty of power. The 4 speed manual transmission shifts great and will give you full control of your little sportscar. But wait! One of the best selling points of this ride is in the fact that it is a part of history that is being lost over time. This rare roadster is sky rocketing in value and will never stop. Camaro Super Sports and Shelby Mustangs are rare, but cannot be compared to this! These have consistently sold at auction for over $100,000.


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