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Thursday, July 29, 2010

1950 Allard K2 Roadster - Collector Car For Sale


Lot 159 Registration Number: EU Registered Chassis Number: 91K-2108 If hot rods had been invented in England, Sidney Herbert Allard would have been their originator. In 1936 he built a successful trials machine from Ford and Bugatti parts. His 1949 National British Hill Climb Championship came in a loud and fearsome special with four rear wheels, powered by a war surplus V8 Steyr tank engine. Quite an achievement! Building on the success of the KI model, Allard launched a new K2 model in 1950. The K2 had a more modern appearance with a Healey-type front grille and large bumpers. Although the K2 only had two seats, it did now have a small luggage boot at the rear making it slightly more practical. Various American V8 engines were available. A 3.6 litre Ford unit was standard, but buyers could specify Mercury, Chrysler or even Cadillac V8 engines. The K2 stayed in production until 1952, and by then 119 examples had been built. In the U.S., Allard‘s creations were quickly adopted by contenders in the nascent roadracing movement, establishing an exceptional record of successes. The pavement-pounding K2 is one of the most rare and sought after of all the Allards, and today the flathead Ford versions with original Allard Speed equipment are are rare indeed. With very few K2s produced, they are tremendously desirable cars, of which this particular K2 is an outstanding example. The 1950 K2 Allard on offer here is one of the most rare and desirable configurations, fitted with a 4375 cc Ford V8 Flathead and fitted with the incredibly rare original Sidney Allard Speed equipment. Purchased in Australia by the present owner in 2003, is has since been a successful entrant in competition events, and was mentioned in Australian Motor Sport Magazine as having placed 3rd in the NSW Hillclimb Championship and 2nd in the Silverdale Hillclimb Championship . The car has also been comprehensively restored by its present owner, a machine tool manufacturer. It has recently taken part in several Italian road rallies and is fully sorted. Fitted with alloy ribbed hi-compression cylinder heads and alloy dual carburetor inlet manifold designed for the ubiquitous Stromberg 97 double throat carburetor, but now fitted with European twin throat Solexes. The usual three-speed Ford transmission was replaced in period by a 4-speed synchronized unit coming from an Armstrong-Siddley. Finished in Rosso Bordeau with a red leather interior and sitting on Dunlop 16" 60 spoke wire wheels fitted with period correct L section Dunlop Racing tires, this Allard is sure to leave an impression wherever it goes, and will be eligible for all the great historic events of today.


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