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Thursday, August 26, 2010

1927 Bentley 3/4 ½ Litre Sports Tourer


Registration no: TBA Price: Refer Department One of the great cars of all time, the Bentley 3 Litre was a magnificent milestone machine that led the world on both road and track. That it did so as the first ever production Bentley was no mean feat and a tribute to the engineering excellence that was to become a hallmark of the marque; indeed, it introduced a then hitherto unknown level of performance combined with immense strength and reliability. When in the late 1920s the need for more power became evident, due to both increasing competition on the track and a trend for ever heavier coachwork, Bentley introduced the 41Ú2 Litre model. With a design that was basically two thirds of its existing 61Ú2 Litre six cylinder, the 41Ú2 Litre prototype engine was first tested in the 1927 Le Mans practice car, the latter a 3 Litre chassis, before being transferred to the first 41Ú2 Litre chassis with which Frank Clement set the fastest lap in that year's race; it was this same car, christened 'Old Mother Gun', that won the 1928 Le Mans. Subsequently the practice of grafting 41Ú2 litre engines into the 3 litre (short) chassis had become common place as many engineers and enthusiasts claimed this was the best combination of Bentley components to produce a fast, good handling road and race car.


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