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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2006 Maserati MC 12 Corsa (street version)


Registration no: TBA Chassis no: ZANDF44B0000 19405 Price: Refer Department Development of the Maserati MC12 began while Maserati was owned by Ferrari in order to create a race car for Maserati that would be eligible to compete in the FIA GT. Its initial name was the MCC, meaning Maserati Corse Competizione, and development under the direction of Giorgio Ascanelli was planned to be simultaneous with that of the MCS, the road going version. The body shape was developed from an idea by Giorgetto Giugiaro during wind tunnel testing, though the majority of styling was by Frank Stephenson. The MCC had a very similar body shape to the MC12 but there were several key differences, most notably the rear spoiler. Andrea Bertolini was the chief test driver throughout the development (although some testing was done by Michael Schumacher), frequently testing the MCC at the Fiorano Circuit. As the MCC was developed further, word of the MCS ceased and eventually the final name, MC12, was announced. The car is based heavily on the Enzo Ferrari, sharing the same Ferrari Dino V12 engine with slight modifications, the same gearbox (but renaming it Maserati Cambiocorsa) and the same chassis and track (length of axle between the wheels). The Maserati MC12 has its own bodywork which is wider, longer and slightly taller leaving the windshield as the only externally visible component shared with the Enzo. This extra size allows for greater downforce across the whole body, adding to that of the two metre spoiler. One of a limited production line of just 50 MC 12 Stradales ever built, this one-owner Maserati was first registered on 18th May 2006, and therefore celebrates its 3rd birthday on the date of this sale! As one can imagine, this supercar has had a much pampered childhood and no expense has been spared during its life. With a mileage of just 9800 km, a full service and necessary repairs were carried out in March 2009, totalling € 40,000, photo documentation of which is available from EDO Competition Services. The 10000 km inspection was also carried out by EDO Competition Services at just 8500 km, as stamped in the service record. Signed on the driver’s door by none other than Michael Schumacher, this MC 12 comes with a FXX exhaust manifold, stainless steel sport exhaust, electrically adjustable headlight covers and exterior mirrors. Prospective buyers are also advised that the hammer price of this vehicle will include 19% German VAT, which can be refunded from customs upon proven export into a country outside the EU. Comes complete with German registration documents. An incredible opportunity to acquire a true 21st century supercar.


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