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Saturday, July 25, 2009

1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner 352 V8 - For Sale (Click Here)


The early 1960’s classic was a time of transition for automakers. The glitz and glam of the 50’s fins faded out in favor of even wider, lower and longer cars. Sleek styling smoothed in and replaced garish add ons, but the space age touches remained. GM’s bubble top cars get a big share of the attention on this next generation of cars, but Ford wasn’t lying down: They created the very cool, two-year-only Starliner coupe, and it’s stunning. All Starliners may be special, but this car’s a standout: The 5,700 miles on the odometer is correct, the interior, chassis and engine compartment are virtually untouched, while the all original body was repainted just once. This is undoubtedly one of the finest examples on the planet of an up and coming investment.

The 1960-1961 Ford Galaxie, Starliner and Sunliner were the raciest of Ford's bigger-than-ever early 60’s big cars. The all-new 1960s Galaxies were some six inches longer, almost five inches wider, and nearly 200 pounds heavier. Graceful styling helped hide the heft, however with a sloped hood, simple grille, straight A-pillars, clean chrome-edged fender lines, and modest horizontal tailfins. The Starliner was a real surprise, though—a pillarless semi-fastback two-door hardtop replacing 1959's highly popular square-roof version. It looked ready to race—and did.

The exterior is in superb shape with all original trim and stainless. The body paint is code FM, meaning Corinthian White over Desert Gold, which is an odd way to describe a car that, to the untrained eye, is a lovely cream over light yellow. The color scheme’s a classic and it looks great with the styling touches and bright work. Bumpers and other chrome shine as new, the intricate grille and tail panels are gorgeous, the acrylic hood and fender ornaments are excellent and the stainless trim is highly polished. The coolest piece of trim work is far and away the side spear that extends from the tip of the fin on the quarter panel and ending gracefully in the door handle. Such touches would vanish in just the next couple of years with the manufacturer agreement to limit trim.

Look underneath—it’ll blow your mind. Those are the original floorboards, original brake and fuel systems, original shocks and even the original mufflers. Regardless of miles how many 47 year old cars have any of that, let alone all of it? Even during normal use mufflers rot out and parts fail—only a low mileage car will be spared the parts destruction. The rolling stock isn’t original, as the car came with the standard steel wheels and deluxe hubcaps, but the dealer-optional Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and 215/78/15 BFGoodrich wide whites look so much better. Issue free, highly original—these are the terms we use to describe 90’s cars, not survivor cars from 1961!

The interior is excellent and original. The original code 38 yellow and black seats are excellent for any age. The carpet shows no wear; the headliner is bright white. The dash pad is soft and un-cracked; the gauges are clear and cool in their silver tone. Every switch, every knob works as it should and looks like new. Chrome and stainless trim is excellent. In short it’s everything you’d expect from a 5,700 mile car.

Under the hood is the original 352ci FE engine as it appeared in 1961. There are new tune up items and safety equipment such as plugs, wires and hoses, but all of the hard parts from the radiator to the air cleaner are original. The blue paint on the motor is in excellent shape, the A/C, power steering and brakes all work as they should. There’s a new battery and new cables for starting power and new fluids for worry free driving.

This is a classic car for sale and this Starliners are an excellent combination of great looks, smooth power and a great ride. Growing in popularity, these big Fords are getting their due for their smooth styling and relative rarity (just over 29,000 were built.) With its ultra low mileage, excellent condition and rock solid original mechanicals, this car stands head and shoulders above most of the rest!

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