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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1967 Dodge Dart GTS 383 V8 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)

Over the years, we’ve seen some nicely restored Darts. It’s difficult to find a lights out Dart, because they just aren’t big money cars ($80K +). With that being said, we are proud to debut one of the most spectacularly restored, big block Darts we’ve ever seen … in a super rare color combination that must be seen to believe.

When are two letters insufficient? "GT" says it all, right? Gran Turismo, grand touring or however else you want to call it, if you're going to add that third letter it better mean something. When Dodge added one to get "GTS" on the fenders of Darts, they meant it: A pavement rippling, torque monster 383 under the hood says so! Take an original GTS, restore it top, bottom and inside and you'll need three more letters to help you out—WOW!

Here's the fender tag:

CAR: Dodge Dart GTS 2 Door Hardtop
ENGINE: 383cid 4-bbl HP V8
TRANSMISSION: 727 Torqueflite 3-Speed Automatic
TIRES: D70x14 Redline Tires
BUILD DATE: April 24.
AXLE: 3.23 Rear Axle Ratio 8 ¾ Axle
INTERIOR: Premium Trim Grade, Vinyl Bucket Seats. Red Interior.
PAINT: Buffed Silver Metallic Paint.
OTHER: Dark red upper door frame paint
D9: Front Disk Brakes
R1: AM Radio
Y6: Black Vinyl Top
a6: Console
b4: Bucket Seats
h7: Fender Mounted Turn Signal Indicators
j4: Molding - Body Sill, Narrow

Start with the exterior. ’67-’69 high performance Darts have always had a purposeful look, and the ’67 is the cleanest of all with no side marker lights, a cleaner front grille and uncluttered taillights. The buffed silver paint (the only regular production extra cost color for '67) is very straight and flat and looks like a warrior with the steelies wearing dog dish hubcaps and the black vinyl top. E70x14 Goodyear redline tires from Kelsey Tire are the perfect accent for the car, tying in the interior. GTs and GTSs carry a lot of stainless trim from the sill moldings to the tail panel and it's all in excellent, highly polished condition. Both bumpers have been re-chromed, working with a new set of door handles, new badges and a new outside rear view mirror to add flash. It sure is pretty but you'd be crazy to tangle with this bad boy on the street!

New wiring harnesses, the right motor mounts and real live A body exhaust manifolds highlight the engine compartment. That's a '67 vintage 383 in there (no serial numbers mean no "numbers matching" claims on a '67) topped by the original air cleaner and 4299S Carter AFB. There's a very mild cam for a bit of pop with no loss of drivability, a freshly rebuilt points distributor, date coded plug wires, a new wiring harness and the correct original 929 radiator in front. Fresh aqua paint coats the motor, there's a new Turbo Start reproduction battery in the corner and a rebuilt master cylinder and wiper motor keeping the ballast resistor and voltage regulator company on the firewall. Reliability takes the form of new reproduction hoses and a new belt along with a full tune up. Nothing beats a big block for cruising torque, especially when it's done this well!

Inside, the newly reupholstered red seats, door panels and other trim are from Legendary, and it looks right at home with the restored door frames, trim and the restored dash. This is a cool car to just sit in and look around. New and re-chromed shiny stuff abounds while nary a single tacked on aftermarket part is present—this interior is day one fresh. That's the restored factory console between the seats, and the emblems in the door panels and seats are exclusive to the '67 GT and GTS models—neat stuff!

Throw the car on a lift and take in the details. The floors are super shiny, just like the top. You really will have to look for yourself—how many A-bodies do you see lavished with this kind of attention? Paint splotches and inspection marks are everywhere from the front sway bar to the rear leaf springs. There are all new, correctly detailed suspension and brake components and new lines and hoses. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the rebuilt 727 automatic transmission and 8 ¾ rear with 3.23’s and tons of detailing. There’s a fresh 2.25" dual exhaust system from Accurate Exhaust Products from the manifolds to the bumper, too. Show or shine this is one heck of a car!

There's an inch-thick stack of receipts for every part and service which went into the build. The pictures show you what's on the outside but the receipts show you just how well everything's done underneath the surface!

The horsepower wars in '67 brought out the big guns from the big three, who promptly stuffed them into their lightest packages. A 383 Magnum in a Dart? That's crazy! Fortunately, it's our kind of crazy, and we're sure it's yours, too! If we had one car in inventory right now that is the perfect combination of show/cruise and hold for the long-term, this is it. This is one of the finest restored big block Darts on the planet, with all of the right stuff. Don’t let this one get away!

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