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Thursday, August 6, 2009

1967 Ford (USA) Mustang Fastback 302 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)

Pony car fans, have we got a cool Stang for you! Black and red over red, a warmed-over 302, a five speed manual and a 9” rear for a drivetrain and NICE hardware throughout this car drives as well as it looks! And hey—it's a fastback—who doesn't want one of those???

We'll answer that one for you—no one we know! These cars are simply timeless with their sloping rooflines and crisp styling. Short of the Corvette, NO mid 60's profile is more recognizable! Check out the mean front—that's a Shelby GT350R front bumper and spoiler below the aluminum slat grille. Move up to the classic red stripes over the pinned-down hood, past the clean glass and on to the fastback roof. Bumpers on both ends are clean, as are the badges and trim pieces. Early car specific offset replica 2000 Cobra R chrome wheels with new Goodyear Eagle GT 215/45/17 tires anchor the corners and show off the four wheel disc brake setup brilliantly. The car's a heap of fun to admire, but get behind the wheel for what really counts!

When we took this Mustang in, the owner told us he'd drop it off rather than have up pick it up. There's nothing unusual about that—people arrange for their own transport all the time. What we didn't expect is that he'd roll up in the car after driving it to us...from ATLANTA! That's a 750 mile trek, and he told us it was no big deal—he even brought his young son along for the ride. We are frequently asked if a car is roadworthy and checked out...I don't think there's any doubt about this one!

Look underneath where a lot of time and money were spent and you'll see why a cross-country trek is a no-sweat affair. Bolted to the 302 in the engine bay is a TREMEC five speed manual with overdrive, a custom driveshaft and a bulletproof Ford 9” rear axle. You'll find heavy duty bushings in front and out back, rack and pinion for steering and a Panhard rod setup to keep the axle located. Full-length sub-frame connectors run from the front rails into the rear wheel-wells. Exhaust gases from the ceramic coated headers flow into the dual exhaust system with Flowmasters and an X pipe. New hard lines flow fuel and brake fluid fore and aft while the flexible brake hoses are all braided stainless lines from Goodridge. The engine wears a Shelby high capacity oil pan while the clutch is contained by an SFI-approved scatte-rshield. Nothing flashy, nothing silly...just well engineered, quality components are under here!

Inside, you'll find a comfortable place to spend some decent miles. You're holding on to a very cool wood and polished aluminum steering wheel, shifting the tight Hurst stick with an aluminum shift knob and staring over a new dash pad. Most of the interior was replaced when the car was originally restored in the mid 80's, and it's holding up very well. New carpets are covered by reproduction pony floor mats, comfortable and clean upholstery is on the seats and the door panels are very nice. The floor console is a clean original, as is the super clean console on the ceiling. There's a four-point roll bar adding strength to the body and quieting squeaks and rattles. The speedometer is where it should be in the dash, but if you look closely the clock on the right now houses a Sun tach and the oil pressure idiot light housing now holds an Auto Meter mechanical oil pressure gauge. You'll walk by 20 times and still not pick it up, either—sneaky, sneaky! Custom Auotsound is responsible for the tunes in the dash, quarter trim panels and custom kick panels. Ready for that road trip?

Pop the hood—a ton of time and care went in here, too. You'll find a rebuilt 302 with a roller cam under an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Holley 650 double pumper and a Ford Motorsport Cobra dress-up kit. The engine bay paint is fresh as of 2007, as is the motor and nearly every component in here. You'll find the huge tubular strut tower brace, a March serpentine belt setup with a modern Sanden compressor, a Mallory ignition and a GM chromed 1-wire alternator. Obviously the combination runs well, and it looks great, too!

Lastly, we have what has to be the most detailed restoration notes EVER written for a car. Each days' work is detailed with its own paragraph and the final report is more than 30 pages thick! Whoever wrote the notes either was or would have a long career as a court reporter!

We just had a Chevy Nova very similar to this: Black, built drivetrain, clean cosmetics and a no-nonsense, drive anywhere demeanor. It lasted a whole FOUR DAYS before it found a new home. Don't get caught out on this one—there's no end to the line of people wanting a proven street brawler with looks like this one!

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