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Thursday, October 29, 2009

1957 Chevrolet Corvette Racing Car - Classic Race Car For Sale (Click Here)


1957 Corvette Factory fuelie, airbox, big brake, COPO Corvette
Winningest Corvette of all time?

It is the most extensively raced and winning 1957 Corvette ever.

RPO 684 H.D. brake & suspension option was an extra $780.10. It featured heavy-duty springs and shocks, finned brake drums with cerametallix linings, vented backing plates and cooling scoops. Of special note was an air-duct system that ran into the fender wells and through the rocker panels to feed the cold air to the rear brakes. In 1957 a total of 51 Corvettes were built with this option.

The RPO 579E "airbox fuelie" option was priced at $726.30. Of the 43 Corvettes equipped with this option that were eventually sold in 1957 only 23 are known to exist today. This very special Corvette is one of 6 COPO (Central Office Purchasing Order) Corvettes that were delivered to known racers, with factory upgraded traction bars, an electric fuel pump and a competition exhaust.

This is the most extensively raced and winning 57 Corvette ever. Sold new to Bob Mouat in Baltimore, Maryland and raced straight out of the showroom continuously until 1965. The car competing successfully against drivers such as Don Yenko and Dick Thompson on east coast tracks including Watkins Glen, VIR, Bridgehampton and Marlboro.

Some of the identified history highlights includes:
7/14/1957 Marlboro 3rd SCCA Pot Hunters Trophy
8/4/1957 VIR dnf/dnf VIR website
8/18/1957 Montgomery dnf SCCA
9/21/1957 Watkins Glen 3rd SCCA
10/15/1957 VIR na VIR website
1957 Marlboro 2nd trophy
1957 MGCC Gymcana 1st trophy
4/28/1958 VIR 2nd VIR website
5/18/1958 Cumberland 2nd Cumberland news
6/8/1958 Marlboro na Road and track 6hr
9/6/1958 Thompson na SCCA
9/20/1958 Watkins glen 4th SportsCar
11/16/1958 Marlboro 1st SportsCar
11/16/1958 Marlboro 2nd SportsCar
5/17/1959 Cumberland 2nd SportsCar
6/7/1959 Vineland 1st Comp Press
7/4/1959 Lime Rock 5th SCCA
7/11/1959 Marlboro 2nd SCCA
7/12/1959 Marlboro 1st SCCA Rosenthal Trophy
8/30/1959 Marlboro 2nd SCCA
8/23/1959 Vineland 2nd SCCA
9/26/1959 Watkins Glen 7th Sports Car
Nov 1959 Marlboro 2nd Sports Car
Nov 1959 Marlboro 1st Sports Car
5/15/1960 Cumberland unk Cumberland News
5/30/1960 Bridgehampton 4th Sports Car
7/2/1960 Lime Rock dnf Sports Car
8/6/1960 Montgomery 7th Sports Car
9/23/1960 Watkins Glen dnf SCCA
na Marlboro 2nd trophy
na Marlboro 1st trophy
March 1961 Montgomery 11 sportscar
5/15/1961 Cumberland na Mrs Mouat
5/28/1961 Bridgehampton dnf SportsCar
June 1961 Marlboro dnf Comp Press 6hr
9/22/1961 Watkins Glen dnf SportsCar
Oct 1961 Marlboro 2nd Comp Press 2hr Enduro
Nov 1961 Marlboro 3rd Comp Press
5/15/1962 Cumberland na Mrs.Mount
6/3/1962 Bridgehampton 16th SportsCar
6/10/1962 Vineland 3rd CompPress
9/22/1962 Watkins Glen 2nd SportsCar
Sept 1962 Marlboro 1st SportsCar 2hr Enduro
8/26/1962 Connellsville 3rd SCCA
11/11/1962 Marlboro 1st Motor Sports SC Shows 2nd
1/6/1963 Marlboro 1st SportsCar
4/7/1963 Marlboro 2nd SportsCar
4/28/1963 VIR 2nd SportsCar
5/12/1963 Cumberland 1st SportsCar
6/1/1963 Bridgehampton 1st SportsCar
6/30/1963 Vineland 1st CompPress
July 1963 Cumberland 1st CompPress
8/24/1963 Watkins Glen 1st SportsCar
Oct 1963 Marlboro 1st CompPress
1/5/1964 Marlboro 1st CompPress
1/6/1964 Marlboro 1st SportsCar
4/12/1964 Marlboro 1st NYT
4/19/1964 VIR dnf SportsCar
5/17/1964 Cumberland 2nd Cumberland News
June 1964 Cumberland 2nd SportCar
7/26/1964 Marlboro na NYT 6hr
8/1/1964 Thompson na NYT
8/21/1964 Watkins Glen 1st CompPress
8/23/1964 Watkins Glen 2nd SportsCar 500mile race
10/5/1964 VIR 2nd CompPress
Nov 1964 Marlboro 1st CompPress
5/16/1965 Cumberland 4th Cumberland News
8/16/1965 Watkins Glen na NYT
na Connellsville 1st Trophy
na Vineland 4th Trophy 4hr
na Vineland 2nd Trophy SJR - SCCA

This car is complete with an outstanding documentation such as:
Race reports in various publications including
- Sports Cars
- Competition Press
- Road and Track
- New York Times
- Cumberland News
- Motor Sports
- Syracuse News

Internet databases and historic racing website include:
- VIR history and archives
- Cumberland archives

Title Conveyance from Mouat/Huffman to 2nd owner(Three owner car)
Copies of 8mm movies taken of the car over its racing history
Interviews with Mrs.Mouat, and 2 fellow racers/ pit crew (recorded)
Authentication by NCRS judges at NCRS meet in Orlando
Complete documentation of restoration by Legendary Motor Car

Media Coverage and Awards:
- Featured restoration on 2007 season of Dream Car Garage
- Bloomington Special Collections - 2007
- The 2008 Quail in Monterey
- The 2008 Amelia Island Concours - Blue Ribbon
- Feature article in Vette Magazine - April 2008
- Cover on Norton Product 2008 calendar

Discovered after sitting for 30 years this car was authenticated and restored to its early 1960's racing configuration. The same configuration as when it was awarded the most wins. Legendary Motorcar Company had the pleasure of restoring this car in 2007/2008 to become once again a beautiful, functioning vintage race car, this corvette turns heads wherever it goes.

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