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Friday, October 30, 2009

1967 Shelby Cobra 427 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


1967 Shelby 427 Cobra
Fully Documented Original - CSX 3287

If ever a car had multiple lives it was the 427 Cobra. In its first life it was a Tojeiro-Bristol. Next came the A.C. Ace, followed by the Ace Bristol and finally the Ace Ford. When it looked as if it was the end of the line for A.C.'s adaptable sports car, along came Carroll Shelby and the 289 Cobra. The final and most iconic incarnation of the original Tojeiro concept came in 1966 with the 427 Cobra.

When the call came for more power to match the big block Corvettes and other potent sports cars, Ford was ready with its big and powerful 427 cid V-8 engine. But in reality the original ladder frame with its transverse leaf springs had first seen production with an 85 hp engine. There was no way that it could handle well over 400 fire-breathing horses.

A.C., Ford and Shelby American were up to the challenge. Ford's computers helped to design a much stiffer chassis with four-wheel independent coil spring suspension. To put all that newfound power to the pavement, the six inch wire wheels were discarded for much wider Halibrand magnesium wheels, but with their corresponding width, the bigger tires couldn't fit under the standard fenders. The solution was for the craftsmen at the A.C. factory in England to construct substantial fender flares. By the time a huge front inlet was shaped to provide sufficient cooling flow for the big Ford mill, the car had a look that was nothing short of aggressive and brutal, yet still clearly a Cobra.

This car ....
A stunning example of the most muscular Shelby Cobra to have ruled the road, it was billed to Shelby American on July 8, 1966. Two months later, the manufacturer had sold it to a very well known Ford dealership in White Plains, New York for $6,145. In its original state, this beautiful 427 Cobra left Shelby American with red paint and was upholstered with a black interior - the same livery as you see it presented here today. After performing some minor maintenance on the car, including the installation of a new fan blade, fuel pump and ignition switch, Larsen Ford sold it on June 16, 1967 to Bronx resident Jay Kulko.

The car would spend the next ten years with two owners in Georgia and in the summer of 1976 it was purchased by Greg Lonberger of Elmhurst, Illinois. By that time, the 427 cobra was showing only 27,337 miles and would be driven on for the next two years sparingly.

In 1978 its new owner, Mike Forman of Ohio, rarely drove the car during eight years of ownership. Cindy Baker of California acquired the car in 1986 and had it repainted in the classic Shelby color Guardsman Blue. After a brief period of ownership, Ms. Baker sold the car to M.D.R. Enterprises of Los Angeles California. In 1987 after only short ownership term, it was sold to Harley Cluxton/Grand Touring Cars of Scottsdale, Arizona. A few months later, a trade involving two 289 Cobras (CSX 2274 and CSX2402) and the car became the property of Nick Nero of Kansas City, Missouri. He would add a degree of panache to the car with a Missouri registered license plate that read "AC 427."

The car has remained in Mr. Nero's family until recently. It has appeared in two calendars during this time, the 1990 Racemark calendar and the 1991 Hallmark Cards calendar. Following Mr. Nero's death in 2002, the car passed on to his son Rhett, a California resident. As attested by its calendar appearances, this Shelby 427 is a beautiful synthesis of the 1960s roadster experience and pure Detroit muscle. Its offering here in splendid condition presents a rare opportunity to own one of only 348 such cars whose cachet has permanently secured a position in automotive lore. Very few Cobras can boast their original aluminum skin and original chassis, this unmolested example shows beautifully today in it factory delivered red on black configuration. Not only does it offer wonderful eye appeal, but it also runs and drives as you would expect from the original ultimate "supercar."

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