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Saturday, October 24, 2009

2000 Marathon Prevost XL 40 Motor Coach - Classic Bus For Sale (Click Here)


Long considered to be the Ferrari of the Motor Coach Industry, the Marathon Prevost is in a class all by itself. With price tags on new Marathon Prevosts pushing two million dollars, these are serious machines and designed to go more than 2 million miles! The Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine is rated for 800,000 to 900,000 miles with proper maintenance. Marathon only builds 50-60 coaches per year. Each coach is a unique build, with serious engineering and attention to detail. It is with great opportunity to present one of the best values in a luxury motor coach in the current market.

This 2000 Marathon Prevost XL (Marathon Production #0624) has been meticulously maintained since it was delivered new in late 2000, religiously serviced, and in pristine, mint condition. This Prevost is loaded with luxury features that must be experienced to be appreciated. Present is the original build documents, including the original Window Sticker, which reflects the original price of $859,686.00. Also present is the original Marathon factory manual, all service & maintenance receipts, all wiring diagrams and schematics, all specifications and all original factory books and instructions. This Prevost was last serviced by Marathon's San Antonio, Florida plant in November, 2007, where every small detail was attended to. The total spent was $15,000.00 +. The coach has new tires all of the way around, new batteries, and an upgraded Accelevision Backup Camera/color computer monitor display system. Stored indoors since new when not in service, the Prevost has LESS THAN 55,000 ORIGINAL MILES.

The Pearl Blue with Caramel & Vanilla accents stainless steel exterior is exceptional and there is not a scratch or blemish to be found anywhere. That's correct .... This Prevost is plated in stainless steel. This is not a camper or an RV ... this is a luxury motor coach that weighs in at 52,000 pounds! If you are ever on the road with your family in this machine, and someone runs into you ... guess what is going to happen? They are going to bounce off! And your coach will continue motoring down the road, unaware and not much worse for the wear! After the November, 2007 service, the coach was detailed, waxed and pulled inside for storage, and has not been on the road since.

Equipped with the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, mated to an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission, this Prevost is one serious machine! A complete air-bus suspension is present on this Prevost, making for smooth, comfortable drives. My family & I took the coach from Ohio to Maine last summer, and with 12 people aboard, it was the most pleasant trip we've ever experienced. Also present is a Kohler diesel-powered generator, which can be accessed through one of the side compartments. The generator can be turned on manually or automatically in the event that shore electrical power is not present, and fully powers the Prevost's invertors. Bottom line, you can drive this Prevost to the middle of a corn field in Iowa, and if you have 200 gallons of diesel fuel in the tank, you can sit in air-conditioned comfort for a month! Speaking of air conditioning, this Prevost has three roof-top air conditioning units, one unit each for the Salon, the Galley and the Bedroom. Each unit has its own separate controls, which is a great feature for both economy and personal preferences. The Prevost has six side compartments, including two which can be used for storage. One of these compartments is a complete slide-out home theater system, which is centrally connected to the home theater equipment in the bedroom. The front bumper also folds down, revealing a large storage area. Also present are two large awning systems, one on each side of the coach, which are perfect for creating instant shade.

One very nice feature of this Prevost is the automatic water fill. Simply connect a hose to the spigot in the side compartment, turn on the water, press a button, and the coach does all the work, and will shut the system off when the 200 gallon fresh water tank is full. Even nicer is the automated gray and black waste tank emptying system. Simply connect your hose, press a couple of buttons, and voila, empty waste tanks!

All electrical panels are conveniently located in another one of the pull up compartments, for easy access. The shore power cord for the coach is conveniently located on the driver’s side of the coach, behind a stainless steel screw down cap, with electric extension and retraction.

To enter the coach, one can use the key, or the electric keypad. Walk up the stairs into the cabin, close the door, and, if you like, an air system will close a hatch door over the stairway area, making for safer traveling. Up front are two leather captain's chairs. The driver gets full power adjustability, but the passenger chair gets the full treatment ...a full recliner with foot-rest. A full bank of controls is close at hand for the driver, which allows him or her to control every function in the coach, the air-ride system, the engine, transmission axle, climate, computer, air brake and the rest of the coach's systems. All controls are over-sized, simple to use, and easy to learn. Give the key a quarter turn, wait for the computer to cycle, and engage the key the rest of the way, and the Detroit Diesel rumbles to life. Wait for the air pressure to build, put the Prevost in Drive, release the air brake, and off you go! As a first-time coach owner, it took me a good four hours behind the wheel to feel fully comfortable behind the wheel of the Prevost. After 200 freeway miles, and learning to account for the sheer size of the coach, and braking/turning distances I was happily and effortlessly cruising down the freeway at 65-70 miles per hour. Turning is a breeze, as the front tires on the coach turn a full 180 degrees. You can nearly turn this Prevost on its axis! Backing up the Prevost is simple, thanks to the rear camera system, which displays the area behind you on the Accelevision color monitor. The on-board computer also displays on the monitor, giving you real-time information on all systems, climate control, water levels, and general information. To make finding your way easier, an Alpine color Navigation System fits nicely next to the passenger chair.

For entertainment, a Sony color TV sits up front, and is wired into the coach theater system. Passengers can watch satellite or a favorite DVD while cruising. Also accessible to the driver is the Clarion AM/FM/CD player and a Cobra CB radio. One very nice feature is the electric shades, 2 up front and 2 sides, controlled by the driver. Who needs a sun-visor? As you move through the cabin to the salon area, you notice the carpeting .... It’s still covered in the factory plastic! That's correct, the carpeting is brand new and protected by heavy duty clear vinyl. In the cabin and salon areas are no less than fifteen overhead cabinets and compartments for storage.

For traveling at night, there are ceiling accent lights and floor accent lighting. Dressing up the tinted windows are eight Hunter-Douglas fabric mini-blinds, which are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes while you are cruising. Two full-sized couches line the Salon area, both of which fold right into beds.

Moving into the kitchen area, you find a custom dining table with diner style seating. Perfect for meals, card games, or just relaxing. The kitchen comes complete with: double sink with instant hot water; White-Westinghouse dish-washer (never used); Sharp microwave oven; Gagginal electric range top; Amana refrigerator/freezer with fresh water and ice maker, and; custom lighting.

The bathroom area, with ceramic tile floors and glass shower, is absolutely luxurious. Present is a vanity & sink with under-cabinet storage and a medicine cabinet with six shelves. The bathroom has its own heater, which can accessed from a pad. The commode is accessed by an air-pocket door and has shelving of its own built into the wall. The luxurious glass shower comes complete with a detachable shower head. The entire bathroom area can be shut off from the rest of the coach with a sliding, lockable pocket door.

From the bathroom area, you move into the bedroom, complete with a king-sized bed which has a built in air lift. The area under the bed is perfect for storage! A nice-sized closet is present, as well as twelve cabinets and a nightstand. Privacy is maintained thanks to four solid fabric Hunter-Douglas blinds. Also in the bedroom area is the main entertainment center controls, complete with a Sony TV, CD player, VCR and RCA Satellite dish. The RCA mobile dish works when the coach is stationary, or cruising down the freeway at 70 MPH. The bedroom is also home to the built-in stacked washer/dryer combo, which has also never been used and is factory new. Last but not least, the main electric panel for the Prevost is located in the bedroom, giving you complete control over all of the coach’s features and systems, including the 110 volt heat and 100 volt hot water heater.

This 2000 Marathon Prevost XL has so many custom features that to explain them all would take volumes. For any prospective buyer, we would welcome a personal inspection of the coach, and would be more than happy to demonstrate all of the coach’s features and capabilities. For the lucky new owner of this coach, we will be happy to spend an entire day helping you transport the coach to its new home, and assist you in learning how to operate it on the road. If used for private purposes, this 40' Marathon Prevost XL is considered a motor-home, and a CDL is NOT required to operate it. If you have been considering a used luxury coach, we would invite you to consider this pristine, well-maintained 2000 Marathon. It looks new, functions as new, and is ready for 1-2 million miles of luxury cruising!

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