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Friday, October 23, 2009

2000 Plymouth Prowler V6 - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)


Prowlers are cool—you know it's true. Their lines, their attitude and the sheer improbability they even got built...what's not to like? They're even getting appreciation from the collector market if they're mint and unusual, and this drop dead gorgeous, 1,552 ORIGINAL miles, one owner Prowler Red beauty has its original, never-been-on-the-road perfect trailer with it. We'll come over and shake you ourselves if that didn't wake you up!

Within Chrysler Corporation, the Viper was a production technique test-bed - to see if they really could develop new methods of manufacturing and assembly to lower the cost of a vehicle. The Prowler was, by definition, the next logical extension of this process. The corporation did not care if they made money on it—simply breaking even was considered unlikely—but the Prowler was an experimental vehicle testing out even more advanced methods of assembly (aluminum and composite bonding, for example) and simplified vehicle design than Viper: It was to have been a replacement halo car.

Let's start with the documentation. The original window sticker is here, carefully taken from the window and perfect. We have an original Prowler brochure, an oil change receipt (after all, by miles it's not due until 2018) and the only service call it ever needed for a squeaky power steering pump which needed oiling and two new hood shocks. We have the ORIGINAL title and the original pre-delivery inspection sheet (8 miles were on the car when it left Detroit.) There's a cool card signed by a Prowler Team leader at the factory and th ORIGINAL MSO for the Prowler trailer from Ajax Trailers. They came crated from the factory, and this one's done more rolling around in our showroom for photos than anywhere else—the tire stickers are still on the tread and it's NEVER been outside! The original Infinity Prowler CD is in the stereo and the case is perfect!

Prowler's styling was "heritage-based" (remember that Bob Eaton would not allow the word "retro-" anything to be applied) and was to be the start of a final attempt at revival of the Plymouth brand with its own styling cues to separate it from Dodge or Chrysler divisions. The money saved by dropping the Eagle was to be plowed back into the Plymouth brand. The PT (regardless of what is stated now) was the next vehicle of the revived Plymouth with brand identity. Eventually, all the models under the Plymouth name would have been similar in appearance to the Prowler and PT. Unfortunately, the buying public did not warm to the styling soon enough, and funds for the revised Breeze and minivan were withdrawn.

Now let's go back to our incredible, brand new 2000 Prowler. As per the original window sticker, the price out the door in May of 2000 was $43,725.00. The base price of $43,000.00 included the following: Agate color interior, with leather trimmed buckets seats; 3.5 Liter High Output V6 with 24 valves and multi-port fuel injection; Next Generation air bags with Air bag on/off switch; 4 Wheel Disc Brakes; Rear Window Defroster; Rack & Pinion Steering; 4 Speed Autostick Transmission; Air Conditioning; 6 Disc CD Changer; AM/FM Cassette Radio; Power Windows with One-Touch; Power Locks-Speed Sensitive; Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel; Speed Control; Keyless Entry; Tachometer; Halogen Headlamps; Black Soft-Top, and; P225/4517 front/P295/40R20 rear tires. The Chrome 17x7.5 front/20x10 rear wheels were made standard for '00, and they're reflected in the base price. Your only real option is color, and you simply don't see many red Prowlers! Rather than rattle on about the condition of the car, let's just say it's factory brand new!

It has been stored indoors in a heated/air conditioned facility since the day it was delivered by the semi truck, and has never seen a drop of water. This Prowler has never been washed with a bucket and a hose. There are no defects on the car to be found anywhere.

Only 193 Prowlers were made in red in 2000, and that was the last year for the color. FAR fewer than 193 decided to get the matching trailer...this is a rare pair, and one that will CERTAINLY rise in value. Don't get caught waiting for the right car—it's here now!

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