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Friday, November 6, 2009

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 327 V8 - Street Rod For Sale (Click Here)


What’s new? Everything! Here’s a fantastic one for you shoebox fans! How about a mild custom, laid out in a beautiful teal and pearl white two-tone? Add in small block Chevy power, back it with a four speed, restore it immaculately, add air, power steering and disc brakes…thats one heck of a recipe! Few cars are as iconic as a ’55 Chevy, and fewer still are done this well. There’s a ton of details here, from Motoramic styling to a Glide-Ride suspension—follow along as we explore this true C55F, Flint-built Bel Air two-door sedan!

The first thing you notice is the body. It’s “Show Car Styling” at its finest, and its arrow straight. Seriously—you could scuff down the sides, shoot it in black and people would walk into its reflection. The teal paint is gorgeous, as is the pearl white. It’s pretty obvious a master held the spray gun for this one! The best paint job in the world is worth nothing without proper prep, but this car shows attention to detail on the highest level. The next mistake people make is to reuse old, dented trim and rusty chrome. Not here, though—this stuff is amazing. All of the bezels, stainless and chrome from front bumper to back, from the side stainless to the “eyebrow” chrome headlight covers is show quality with no excuses. The lenses are new, as well! The last thing people overlook when they’re doing a full restoration is glass. This car’s new, tinted glass is perfect and scratch-free. Wheels can make or break a car, too. Cragar SS mags add a timeless, classic hot rod look that’s perfect for the car. They’re wrapped in nearly new 235/60/15 Dunlop GT Qualifiers, black wall out, again for the nostalgia of it. The stance is right, the color is right, the wheels are right and its mint—you’ll knock ‘em dead at your local carhop! Best thing is that the paint scheme is merely an update of what came from Chevrolet—this was a true India Ivory and Regal Turquoise car to start with!

The 1955 Chevrolet models represented a massive break from the models that preceded it. The chassis was a completely new design, the body was entirely new, the engines were completely new and the cars came with features that are now standard, like 12 volt electrical systems, tubeless tires and more. Of course, the biggest news was the introduction of the small block V8, far and away the most versatile, raced and ubiquitous American engine of all time. The motor proved so popular and so hearty that it remained in production through the 1997 model year, and an updated variation is available in dealerships today!

The interior is a nice mix of nostalgia and newer, more comfortable materials, again in an update of the ivory and turquoise scheme (one of 43 different color schemes in ’55, complimenting the exterior, of course!) You’re staring at an immaculate dash, painted the same teal as the body, with new trim, a refurbished gauge cluster, a CD player and a pair of VDO classic series gauges in a matching housing panel. You’re sitting on cloth upholstery in a teal and dove grey color scheme. The carpet and headliner are finished in gray as well, and the door panels use the same material as the seats. A neat touch is the inlaid bowtie logo in the doors—it’s one of the easier custom touches to pick out. There’s also a tilt column, a billet 3rd brake light, four speakers in the deck (with color matched grilles,) a perfect steering wheel and a marbled shift knob atop the floor shift. A Vintage Air system keeps occupants cool in the summer, too—time for a cruise!

In Dragnet form, the story you are abut to hear is true, but the advertising is over the top! There were DOZENS of trademarked names for features on this car! Where else can you get a Sweepsight windshield (with 18% more glass than last year?) Or an Outrigger Rear? Or Four Fender Visibility? Or “extra room for hats, hips and shoulders?” Only in “the Hot One,” of course! There were over a dozen commercials for these cars! You can watch ‘em on YouTube for the nostalgia of it!

Under the hood is an old hot rodder’s favorite—the 327. This ’67 is topped by a dual plane aluminum intake, Holley double pumper, dressed up with polished aluminum valve covers and air cleaner housing, lumps along with a mild aftermarket cam and exhales deeply through a set of headers and a stainless exhaust system. That’s a lot going on! Power flows back through a hydraulically operated clutch nestled in an SFI scatter shield and a ’67 Muncie M20 transmission before ending up at the tires courtesy of a 12 bolt rear. Other goodies include a billet pulley system, a polished A/C compressor, modern power steering with braided supply and return lines, a bulletproof HEI ignition, a power booster pushing a dual bail master cylinder and a new AC Delco battery. The compartment is finished in the correct chassis black and all components are in excellent condition—there’s no problem driving this across the country or to your favorite ice cream parlor!

The suspension shows all new components and a detailing in line with its frame-off restoration. There are new shocks all around, new body mounts, new suspension components and more. The underside is finished in chassis black for a clean look and easy cleaning. Fat chrome exhaust tips add to the old school flavor, as do the slapper bars on the rear. The frame was blasted and painted as well. Again, nothing over the top, but very nicely done, and very much drivable!

Are you ready to drive “The newest new car in
America?” This ‘55’s ready to go, finished very, very well and runs great. As far as being “A whole new concept of low-cost motoring,” well, I don’t think they counted stuff like a four speed, air conditioning, radial tires, CD sound… This car is a great car at a great price, and is a sure-fire collectible that will rise in value while giving you a huge jolt of pride just sitting in your garage!

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