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Thursday, November 5, 2009

1964 Pontiac GTO 389 Tri-Power, 348 HP - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Over the past couple of years, one of the hottest muscle cars on the market has been the Pontiac GTO. I've watched '65 convertibles top $250K, and '64s top $180K. Perfectly restored GTO's are joining the ranks of those cars which serious muscle car collectors must have in their collection. With a long list of national awards under its belt, as well as numerous national magazine features, this incredible 1964 Pontiac GTO 2 door hardtop is a world class car and the perfect addition for any serious GTO collection. Moreover, based on the way this GTO was configured from the factory, this IS the GTO you want.

Only 32,450 1964 GTO's were produced. Of these, 8,245 were equipped with the Tri-Power setup. Even fewer manual shift cars were built, making this GTO one of the rarer cars on the market. As evidenced by Pontiac Historical Society documentation, this GTO's birthday was April 7, 1964, and thanks to option code 382, was turned from a Tempest Lemans into a street racing muscle car ... a true 389 tri-power, 348 horsepower, manual shift, Safe-T-Track Positraction car. To make it even better, the original factory color on this GTO was VVA Grenadier Red with trim code 214 Black Morrokide bucket seat interior. Options included: (393) Radio-Pushbutton & Electric Antenna; (401) Rear Seat Speaker; (421) Windshield Washer & Dual Speed Wipers; (524) Custom Sports Steering Wheel; (601) Console; (602) Mirror-Outside-Left Hand; (06) 7.50x14 White Wall Tires, (703) Safe-T-Track Positraction and the big one—code 803 Tri-Power!

What makes this car special, outside of its optimal build configuration? How about ALL original body panels? When this GTO was restored on a rotisserie in 2001 at a cost of more than $100,000.00, it had a little more than 19,000 original miles on the odometer. The goal of the restoration was simple: restore this car to the finest level possible. Present were all of the original body panels, absolutely rust and collision damage free, with better than factory panel fit. Even with perfect body panels, great pains were taken to assure that this GTO would be perfect and tight. The Glasurit urethane base coat/clear coat paint on this GTO is like a mirror, with no visible flaws to be found anywhere.

All chrome trim, bezels, emblems and bright work on this GTO is original to the car and in perfectly restored condition. The chrome is blinding! This GTO is visually stunning from every angle. THE topper, though, is that marvelous set of
Hurst mags—NO other wheel screams GTO like them! New trim rings look awesome, the centers are clean and shiny and the wheels themselves are excellent. We have the original steel wheels, correct redlines and mint restored hubcaps as well, so it’s up to you how you want to show the car!

The interior is perfect in every way ... when you look or sit inside this GTO, you know this is how a 1964 GTO looked in the showroom 34 years ago! The 389/348 HP tri-power engine and 3.23 Ratio Safe-T-Track Positraction axle are also all original to this GTO. The engine is a reference guide for GTO restorers with all correct, date-coded 1964 engine components and factory markings. A correct, date coded 4 speed manual transmission is present and in perfect working order. The original alternator, correct date-coded
Rochester 2 barrel carbs, original intake, original exhaust manifolds and original starter are present and accounted for.

The only deviation from stock on this GTO is the presence of two Flowmaster mufflers, which make the stock dual exhaust sound incredible! One of the very best features of this GTO is the way it performs. As a super low-mileage car, it is extremely tight. Since such close attention was paid to fit and specs during the restoration process, everything works exactly the way it should, which is better than when it rolled off the assembly line!

Since the restoration on this incredible car was completed, this GTO has won a long list of awards, including: an AACA Senior First Place Award in Hershey, PA, in 2007; Silver Concours Restored at the 2006 GTOAA Nationals in Louisville, KY; First Place at the 15th Annual East Coast GTOAA Regional in 2004, and; Best of Show at the Tri-State Pontiac Nationals in 2002. This GTO has been featured in a number of national magazines, most recently the June, 2007 edition of High Performance Pontiac. These awards and accomplishments speak for themselves! This is one of the best of the best and a true investment grade 1964 GTO. Don't pass this one up!

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