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Sunday, November 29, 2009

1958 Lincoln Continental Mk III - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)


Lincoln Continental MKIII Cabrio BJ 1958 model year

Engine: 430 cu = 7l; 375 SAE HP

Gearbox: 3-step automatic, column-mounted shifter

Configuration: full kitting-up (genuine leather interior, master door locking system, electric window, steering linkage with servo-mechanism and servo-actuated brake…)

The Lincoln model of the year 1958 is the greatest US car that has ever been created! It could beat the competitors from Cadillac Convertible and Imoerial by offering higher volume, weight, cylinder capacity and horsepower. As if it was possible at all in the 50-s!

Moreover the styling is daring: tilting headlight position and tilting rear window that is electrically displaceable in the cabrio version of the car.

The offered car was brought new to Austria in 1958 and was used only for 5 years. It was put into a garage in 1963 due to an engine fault and was brought back to life only in 2002. It underwent an expensive restoration in the next 4 years that was finished not long ago.

The whole mechanics from the exhaust pipe to the cooler was renewed. The bumper was coated with chromium 3 times. All the carpets and the awning were renewed. The body has no rust at all, it was covered with original thermoplastic. The interior is still original, it was only refreshed.

This Continental is for sure the best that you could find. Highly elegant colour combination, black from outside and black/crème inside, makes the extravagant car even more impressive.

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