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Sunday, November 29, 2009

1960 Ford Fairlane 500 - Collector Car For Sale (Click Here)

Ford Fairlane 500 4 door sedan 1960

Color: Black / Interior: Silver-Black

Type: Ford Fairlane 500 4 dr. Sedan, year 1960,

Engine: 292 cu. Inc., V8, 5 liters, 2-speed carburetor, 185PS

Extras: Electric windows, e-bench seat, AM radio, double-stranded Exhaust


The most popular car brand in general is certainly Ford Henry Ford was an automotive pioneer par excellence. He began with the first mass-produced assembly-line production of automobiles. Thus, it enabled the masses to the automobile started. The vehicle, or rather the "Thin Lizzy" as she was known worldwide, had quickly become a symbol of America's emerging mobile and he has become the 20-years. His numbers were only in the 70-years, he exceeded the VW Beetle. After the Model T Ford Model A landed after the next hit. Ford was on the ball and produced from 1930 to the first V-8 engine for everyone. He assembled the first car brand in the lower price, all its vehicles with the famous Flathead V-8. From now on, and a Ford V-8 engine is an idea.

For this model:

The Series Ford was a complete redevelopment and triggered the series, built 3 years from 1957-59. The body of 1960, captivated by their very elegant and simple shapes.

Today, the 60-series models particularly rare because they were built only a year and using poor quality brass were particularly liable to rust, and thus survived only small quantities. Their sporting success in the stock car racing have always made it back to the test. Their opponents were 59-he and his 60-Chevy, Pontiac and Plymouth.

For this vehicle:

The car offered here has a solid demonstrable history. The previous owner, an engineer from Linz, had the car 17 years. Then it was bought by a good friend who used it for 20 more years in his garage. The Fairlane scores through completely stainless body and a very nice color combination, black exterior and inside black-gray. It is a 4-door sedan, as it did in this design and color of the Police, Highway Patrol and the FBI. It was renewed in the paint, the exhaust and brakes, and fitted the interior with an original black brocade fabric and carpet. All motor units have been renovated. One of the last representatives of classical Heckflossenära with a beautiful color combination, which could also be labeled as a historical police vehicle and thus the focus of all U.S. car would be meeting.

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  1. Very nice post!
    The car is very retro.
    Car lovers would surely love it.
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  2. These are one off cars. Ford completely redesigned this car for 1960 and for whatever reason consumers didn't care much for the rear tail light design and sales slumped. In 1961 these completely redesigned the rear end and made the tail lights round again. The Fairlane and the Galaxie shared the same body styles and sizes, from 1960-1961. In 1962 the Fairlane was reduced in size to compete as a midsize sedan.
    I personally have a 1960 Fairlane 500 with the 223 I6 and 3 speed on the column and love driving it. Even though I love the design it is a constant reminder of what happens when corporations fail to conduct proper market research prior to introduction or production.
    - MBA student