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Thursday, November 12, 2009

1966 Dodge A100 Custom Pickup


Voting season is over, and, just like most years, about half the population went left and right, respectively. With all this talk about progress it's easy to get caught up in the hype of moving you forward. Well, here at Best of Show Automotive, we're talking about forward, all right—Forward Control! This sweet street machine's at the top of the ticket as the cure for car show boredom!

Start underneath—you're not going anywhere without a solid chassis and solid components. As a black plate
California piece this truck's as solid as it gets with NO rust ever! Try finding one like this any more, regardless of where you live! You'll find a '76 vintage 360 up front (in the middle?) backed by a built 727 automatic and a Sure Grip fortified 3.91 geared 8 ¾ rear. Stock exhaust manifolds exit into 2.25" pipes with Flowmaster 50 series mufflers for a low rumble that's just right. All new brake and steering components up front make sure that you're going to end up where you're pointed. New shocks all around keep the ride comfortable, an updated dual well master cylinder keeps stops in check and a new radiator, flex fan and supporting hoses keeps the temps down. A B&M transmission cooler's underneath and a Mopar high torque mini starter turns the mill over in a hurry. Mopar's electronic ignition with an orange box ECU fires the plugs in a maintenance free kinda way. Pop the engine lid and find new and old—the original '66 vintage 2bbl carb and oil bath air cleaner alongside new cast aluminum Mopar Performance valve covers. Only in California!

Finished in Desert Turquoise and Sand Dune White with a matching turquoise and black interior it's a cool
California combo that looks like it was born on the PCH. The paint quality is excellent with obvious care taken during the prep process. Panel gaps are much better than factory and the doors open and close with ease. Show chromed bumpers and grille combine with new door handles and those new Keystones (wrapped in 225/70 front and 275/60/15 rear B F Goodrich Radial T/A's) to provide flashes of chrome on all sides. Mint headlight trim rings and "Dodge" letters up front look awesome coming while the custom painted and pinstriped tailgate look fantastic going. You've surely noticed the lettering on the sides of the bed—this is a cool way to advertise your business! We've got a couple choices for you about the signage. First, you handy types can take the truck as is and do whatever you'd like for a finish. On the other hand, those who are more of a "plug and play" type of buyer can have the lettering removed, the white repainted, and your choice of clean sides or your own graphics—we'll even throw in the work at our full asking price!

The wildest part of the whole truck is undoubtedly the bed. Sandblasted clean and finished in Line-X bed coating you could throw rusty anchors in back and not worry about it. Need storage for your stuff? Cram it into the custom made diamond plate toolbox. Need room for bigger stuff, but still want security? No problem—just lock it under the one-off rollback aluminum tonneau cover! You're right that you've never seen anything like that before on an A100 truck! The bed rails are set off in more diamond plate to cover the sliders while the cover itself is natural's seriously trick!

Step up and sit in the fully restored interior. You're sitting on newly padded and reupholstered seats and are surrounded by new interior paneling. That's a new rubber floor mat under your feet and fresh paint on the dash in front of you. Your controls consist of an old school wood steering wheel, new pedal pads under your feet and a Gunslinger Pistol Grip handle on the shifter in the dash! The original "double dimple" ball is in the glove compartment, but nothing screams "MOPAR" like a pistol grip! The factory gauges are clear, a new Auto Meter clock is in the factory hold in the dash and a small street rod Auto Meter tach is front and center. It's clean, and with three across it's a ton of fun to go cruising!

Need to know what went into building this cruiser? No problem—we've got an inch and a half thick stack of receipts! Everything from the wheels to the dome light bulb and from the fresh glass to the smallest fastener is catalogued here! If you're in the mood for change that doesn't involve hanging chads or other maladies step up to Forward Control!

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  1. Not bad for an old pick up drive. I just don't know the difference of the quality of a vintage one and the latest ones now.

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