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Saturday, November 14, 2009

1966 Plymouth Satellite 440 6 Pack Custom - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Ever see a car and just say WOW? As a lifelong fan of the 1966-1967 B Body, you rarely see these cars customized. Part of their appeal is their no-nonsense, straight lines, and when you customize these cars badly…well, let’s just say bad things happen!

Every now and then, you see a customized 66-67 B Body that’s done right. At the 2008 Mopar Nationals this spectacular 1967 Plymouth Satellite took
Second Place in the Custom Class because it’s just that: done right! Combining stunning cosmetics with a nasty attitude, this Satellite is the perfect combination for the muscle car enthusiast who appreciates a hot looking custom that can tear up the streets with the best of them!

First, let’s talk about the visuals. Starting with a bone dry southwestern body that needed only a new trunk pan, this Satellite was completely disassembled, media blasted, primed, block-sanded and repainted in stunning House of Kolors Snow White Pearl. As those of you who love the 66-67 cars know, these are straight cars, and it takes a lot of work to get a paint job that shows as perfectly straight. This one definitely turned out that way—perfectly straight with a gorgeous custom color that looks incredible both in the sun and in the shade. This is a car that both demands attention, while appearing…dare we say…elegant?

Take a look at the trim and the chrome. The grill was polished and the rear trunk panel trim was restored. The headlight bezels and hood lip molding were painted body color. A fiberglass hood, complete with restored
Plymouth letters and new hood pins, saves weight and adds flash. Check out the cool GTX-inspired scoops for a hint of what is lurking under that hood! All of the chrome is new, including the fender turn signals, door handles, mirrors and bumpers. The new glass is definitely right at home on this car!

The power antenna is another nice custom touch. It pops up when you turn the ignition on and tucks safely away when you’re done cruising. Speaking of cruising, this Satellite rolls on brand new chromed American Racing 15” Torq Thrusts mated to brand new BFGoodrich Radial T/As, 275/60 in the rear and P225/60 up front.

When you take a step back and look at the total package, you can’t help but be wowed. This is a car that will attract crowds wherever you take it and look good flying down the street or strip!

Let’s move on to the interior…the WOW factor moves up a few notches! The first thing you notice is the gorgeous custom pearl white and tangerine seats. That tangerine material is cooler yet up close—it’s embossed with a carbon fiber weave pattern! Matching the custom seats are the custom door panels, custom painted armrest bases, door handles & armrest pads. Also custom in this interior is the painted dash, dash pad, kick panels, interior windshield and dash trim, steering column and custom painted console. The new chrome window cranks almost look boring in comparison! We might as well go on about the new carpeting, new color matched custom floor mats, new package tray, new sill plates, new sunvisors, new headliner, new seat belts and the new Grant wood steering wheel, too. Even the heater box has been restored!

What are those vents in the dash? Could that be A/C???? Using the factory vent controls? Let’s turn it on and find out. Wow…a real Vintage Air climate control system that replaces the factory unit, and it works like a charm! Outstanding!

Now, let’s take a peek under the hood … the WOW factor just tripled! Is that a real 1969 vintage 440 block??? Complete with Crane cam & lifters? An Edelbrock manifold with three Holley two barrels and a custom Six Pack air cleaner???? I bet it breathes pretty well through those brand new ceramic coated Hooker Super Competition headers! Starting and running should be automatic thanks to the MSD Pro Billet Distributor and 6AL ignition. Power steering…nice. Power brakes…even nicer! Nice touch chroming the power brake booster and reservoir, too. And that Vintage Air system…on a 440+6???? Thanks to the oversized aluminum radiator with custom fabricated fan shroud, it actually runs at 180 degrees!

Mated to this potent 440+6 is a newly rebuilt A727 Torqueflite 3 speed automatic, complete with a B&M torque converter, shift kit and a transmission cooler tastefully mounted next to the frame rail. Power gets to the ground via an 8 ¾” Chrysler axle with a 3.55 gear and a Sure Grip. That’s a nice engine with a lot of torque mated to a great trans and a great rear end!

Mechanically, the undercarriage of this custom is top notch, with nicely painted and finished floor boards, trunk pan and frame rails. There are even nicely welded in and painted subframe connectors so this Satellite can handle all of the extra power supplied by the 440+6. Present is a new dual exhaust with H-pipe and Flowmaster mufflers. The braking system is entirely new, complete with stainless steel brake lines and new hoses. Likewise, the fuel delivery system is new, with a zinc coated fuel tank, new stainless steel strap and new stainless steel fuel lines. The leaf springs have been rebuilt and four brand new KYB shocks can be found at all corners. The front suspension is all new and, last but not least, the power steering unit is new right down to the hoses.

Now let’s talk about cost…unless you do all of the labor yourself, it’s expensive to build a custom muscle car like this one. Like $80,000.00-$100,000.00 expensive. This one was finished right before the ‘Nats, has less than 100 test/break-in miles, and has only been shown one time. If you have been searching for something different, combining WOW factor looks with WOW factor performance, with power steering, power brakes and air conditioning thrown into the mix, this 1967 Plymouth Satellite will bring you nothing but years and years of happiness and contentment. This is a car to grab quickly and enjoy for the long haul!

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