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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 440+6 4 Speed Dana 60 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


Mopar fans, we have an AWESOME street machine here for you! We started with a real RM23 Road Runner, threw the 383 and column shift automatic away, painted it totally cool Vitamin C orange and stuffed a 440 six pack, a four speed transmission and a Dana in it! Fresh and gorgeous from one end to the other this killer Beeper is just the ticket for summertime fun!

Start outside with the killer look. Since we took liberties with the drive train and color palette, we got to build this one our way! Vitamin C paint covers very straight panels as the base for the additions to come. We painted fresh Organisol paint on the hood, added the tail stripe in reflective black and expertly applied the too-cool dust trails to the sides. We laid down a fresh black vinyl top and polished the trim to major shine. New 15” chrome Magnum 500’s look fantastic at all four corners, as do the 225/70/15 B F Goodrich radial redlines. So we’re a few months past redline time at Chrysler—they look great! Chrome items from the bumpers to the door handles and side view mirror either are or shine like new. One cool factory option on this car we had to reinstall was the cool M31 molding on top of the doors and quarters—every car should have had these! The grille was treated to a full restoration with both dark and light argent paints and looks better than new. The stance is right and the color scheme can’t be argued with—the car’s a winner!

Put the car on the lift and see that no shortcuts were taken here! The front and rear suspensions feature new parts and are highly detailed. That’s a brand new Dana 60 from axle to axle, filled with 3.54 gears and high strength axles—that wasn’t cheap! We rebuilt the A833 Hemi 4 Speed 18 spline transmission before reassembly, and used a brand new clutch. There’s a new fuel tank, new brake components and new lines everywhere. There’s a new dual exhaust system with tough sounding turbo mufflers and turn downs for the stealthy look. The chassis features a thick coat of undercoating over the clean sheet metal as this car was built to drive and look good while doing it—think of it as armor plating against road rash!

The real star of this show is under the hood—the rebuilt 440 mill topped with a freshened and ready to go six pack. The engine is coated in fresh Mopar Hemi Orange paint while the air cleaner is its own correct shade. Date coded spark plug wires, a tan distributor cap on the electronic ignition distributor, a new group 27 battery and cables and a reproduction coil shore up show duties. A fresh radiator, new hoses and wiring and new tune up parts means this runner’s ready to go!

Hop inside the fully restored interior and get comfortable. Those are new seat covers under you, new door panels at your sides, a new dash pad up front, a new headliner up top and new carpeting below. New sill plates brighten your entry while restored gauges with an in dash teach let you know what’s going on up front. The dash was completely taken apart, restored to the last piece and reassembled. That’s the correct Hurst pistol grip in your right hand and a Grant reproduction Tuff wheel in your left. There’s a new package tray in the back and restored headrests in the seat backs. We wanted to make this a comfortable cruiser, and we know you’re going to like it!

So many times cool cars are built for show and aren’t any fun to drive, or they’re restored to a standard so high you feel bad just looking at it! We know show cars, and we know the pride of owning them. Deep down, though, we know cars are built to drive and enjoy on the road—rolling art isn’t any fun if it doesn’t go places! With its fully protected chassis, bulletproof drive train, excellent cosmetics and new components used throughout this Road Runner is a blast on the back roads while still being capable of basking in the limelight at car shows from coast to coast!

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