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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1971 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 454 - Muscle Car For Sale (Click Here)


A true black-on-black big block SS/RS Camaro? That’s one of the coolest bowties ever built! This ’71 sports a pretty face and the heart of a beast—the best of both worlds!

Chevy finally wised up in ’71 and called out the big block right on the cowl tag. “LS3” is displayed prominently, denoting this car as a true 396 car, and therefore a true SS car. Just in case, code Z27 is the SS code. That makes life easier! You’ll also see the car was built in Norwood, Ohio, in the fourth week of March. You’ll see code 19 Tuxedo Black paint with the code 775 black vinyl interior. Now, there’s no code anywhere for the RS package, but this car’s been wearing all the right parts for a LONG time, and we have no reason to think they’re anything but original to the car!

This car looks flat out sinister in black. The short front bumpers, RS-specific nose, rally wheels and the rear spoiler make you look like you’re either causing trouble or planning on it. 245/60/15 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires make the most of the F41 sport suspension and look just right on this car. The paint job is bright and glossy…and mean. Trim pieces are in excellent condition nose to tail. RS-specific front parking lights adorn the original nose while the taillights are surrounded in stainless trim. RS cars had blacked-out tail panels, but this wasn’t done on black cars for a pretty obvious reason. The stance is right, the look is mean and the car’s ready to roll!

Inside you’re transported back to 1971 right down to the carpet. You’re sitting on recovered buckets (with integrated high back headrests for the first time) and staring at full instrumentation. Your hands are on the mint steering wheel which would normally have the RS emblem but correctly has an SS logo instead—SS/RS cars have NO RS badges on them whatsoever. The dash pad and door panels are in excellent condition with no cracks. The very nice center console has an old school Hurst Dual/Gate shifter controlling the TH400 below. The carpet and headliner are new, as is the windshield. The side glass is original and in great shape. This is an excellent place to log some miles.

Open the hood and check out the detailed, CWL code 454 inside. The original LS3 expired years ago, the 454 makes more power and it’s the same size and dress as a 402…why not take the extra cubic inches? A reproduction air cleaner covers a period correct Quadrajet carb on top of the original LS3 intake for fuel while a rebuilt distributor, new coil, fresh wires and new plugs provide the spark. Hooker Super Competition headers send burned fuel below while thermal management is handled by the rebuilt radiator, new GM hoses and tower clamps. A fresh battery ensures quick starts. Next to the remanufactured power brake booster and disc brake master cylinder on the firewall all of the original grease pencil markings are in place denoting the interior and LS3 engine—it’s just one more detail in a well laid out bay!

Underneath, pains were taken to replicate the factory procedures. The original floor pans are painted the proper red oxide primer with undercoating overspray where correct. The rebuilt front suspension with power steering and disc brakes sports all of the paint dabs and stripes you’d find on an assembly line fresh car. Behind the headers is a brand new throaty dual exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers and stainless exhaust tips. The original 10 bolt rear sports its original 3.42 gears and Positraction. It’s properly marked up as well, and it’s equipped with the F41 rear sway bar. A deep transmission pan with a drain plug is a welcome addition on hot days and makes fluid changes a snap. There’s a new fuel tank, new fuel lines, new subframe bushings, new brake components and more. Plenty of effort went into this chassis.

Big block, second gen Camaros are rare to find, and they’re MUCH rarer still with the RS package. Factor in the black paint and interior and this could just about be the most desirable ’71 Camaro in existence! These cars are the next wave to rise in value…don’t get caught behind on this one!

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