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Friday, November 20, 2009

1972 Fiat Dino 2400 - Classic Car For Sale (Click Here)


In the mid-60s stood Ferrari with a problem that only Fiat's massive production capacity could solve. Ferrari wanted to participate in the new Formula 2 class and the already developed Dino V6 engine was shelved. The new F2 rules required, however, that the engine was manufactured annually for at least 500 copies and presented in a corresponding number of cars. At that time Ferrari had neither the capacity to produce as many engines and no finances to produce and sell as many sports cars. After negotiations with the incoming Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli, Fiat went with to produce engines and even develop a sports car in the prestige class to the engine.

The outcome of Fiat's effort was the very beautiful Pininfarina designed the Dino Spider and the stylish coupe designed by the young Giugiaro at Bertone. Although the cars were developed in record time and with the use of multiple components from other Fiat cars as Fiat's engineers managed to construct a couple of very successful sports cars.

With the model change to 2400 model, which was built in 2398 specimens from April 1969 to June 1972, came as many improvements over the previous 2000 model, there was almost a new car. The most important was the replacement of the rigid rear axle to the much more advanced bagvogn from the big Fiat 130 saloon, with independent rear suspension, brakes, gearbox and differential with rafters.

So are we, except maybe the elegant curves, the promotion of this car's biggest attraction. The above quadratic Ferrari V6 engine with 4 overhead camshafts. This advanced engine is a true fireworks of melody and gusto. The shift from 2000 to 2400 engine also meant that the engine block was now cast iron and not aluminum. The 2-liter aluminum engine was a complex case.

It was originally designed as a 1.5 liter racing engine and was, according to the manufacturer Lampredi itself, already stressed to the limit in 2 liter version. Lampredi convinced management that it was better to start almost from scratch with 2.4 liter version and they gave permission to. 2.4 engine had more power, it was smoother, quieter, better lubricated and in general much more reliable. Since it was installed in Dino coupe'en, filled it's job perfectly.

The 180 horses in the crisp engine comes up to about 8,000 rpm with a sound that reveals exactly what it is, a real racing engine with roots in Formula 2nd

We have downloaded this fine Dino in MEDA north of Milan. The car is not only beautiful and original condition throughout. It is also extremely well in all functions. All the little things, despite all good things can tease a little at a car that has crossed 35 years of age is done. So it's just turning the key and let the crisp engine jump start. we sell the nysynet including Danish tax and ready for indregistring.

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