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Friday, July 23, 2010

1949 Alvis 3 Lite Prototype - Classic Car For Sale


Alvis 3 Lite Prototype - Formerly the property of Mr W M Dunn Lot 119 Registration Number: 4949HP Chassis Number: 23803 Three experimental prototype Three Litres were constructed prior to 23803 using a TA14 chassis and TA21 chassis. It is believed that this car was fabricated during 1949 but it was first registered as JWK290 on 7th March 1950. 23803 was built along the general lines of the TA21 chassis production. However, this chassis has far less corner and edge finish and was hand crafted by John Thompson Motor Pressings of Wolverhampton. Interestingly, 23804, its sister car competed in the 1951 Monte-Carlo Rally and was the Geneva Motor Show car, with 23803 at Geneva as the demonstrator, but there are rumours that 23804 disappeared in Kent many years ago. Both cars were completed with a modified Mulliners four-door saloon body, in appearance a modified version of the TA14 body, and both took up press and publicity duties during the early 1950s. Eventually 23803 was transferred to W.M.Dunn, the Alvis chief designer as his company car. It is believed, from the Works Build Records, that Mr Dunn had the car mechanically rebuilt to an updated specification with an engine and gearbox change subsequent to its media duties. It was used by the works until 1959 and in 1960 the car was rebuilt by the factory for Mr Dunn using the 23803 chassis and incorporating TD21 mechanical parts. As far as we know, Mr Dunn drove the car happily for the rest of his days. Subsequently, the car found its way in to the collection of Dennis Norton of Bromsgrove, a retired B.M.C engineer and museum owner, where the car was restored back to the condition and finish similar to that during W.M.Dunn’s ownership. As he knew that it was an important part of Alvis history, Mr Norton took on the dismantled car, having been packed into boxes in 1994 and went about a ground up restoration, of which pictures can be found in the history file. An interesting and rare item of Alvis History that has not only been preserved for posterity, but has come back to life and has a current MoT test certificate. 4949HP is one of the few Works development specials to have survived, as many of them were broken up by owners or not released by the Works. Included in the car’s history file is the original buff log book, proving W.M. Dunn’s ownership, bills and receipts for work completed, pictures of the car in period with Mr Dunn, period build sheets and a detailed history of the car by Nick Simpson, renowned Alvis specialist. Estimate: £15000 - £20000


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