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Friday, July 23, 2010

1907 Orel C8 4-Seater Wagonette - Antique Car For Sale


Lot 121 Registration Number: BS 8320 Chassis Number: 269 Automobiles Orel was founded by Mr. Orel in Argenteuil, France in 1905. The first Orel was a light car powered by an 8hp V-twin engine, and in 1907 the makers added a 7hp single and a 12hp four. Two of the singles ran in that year’s Coupe des Voiturettes, but without success. Orels grew larger over the next few years and by 1912 the range consisted of 8/10hp 2-cylinder and 14 and 18hp fours, all made by Buchet. For 1913 Orel joined the ranks of the sleeve-valve brigade using a 2½ litre 20/24hp Knight 4-cylinder engine. Sadly Mr. Orel was killed in the Great War bringing an end to the production of cars bearing his name. This vehicle spent most of its life in New Zealand, having only 3 owners until 2000, and is believed to be the only example of this model in existence. It was found in a barn on the North Island in 1959 and was left in its original state until 2000 when a restoration was completed to a very high standard by Tim Moore. It has a V-twin engine, producing 8 or 9 horsepower and a 3 speed gearbox with chain-drive. It is a four seater, however, the rear seats can be easily removed to enable the vehicle to be used as a utility. The car is fitted with oil lamps front and rear and is described by the owner as being in excellent overall condition. Included with the vehicle are photographs showing the restoration and even some of the original owner. With road tax valid until April 2011 and an MoT certificate valid until May 2011, this represents an opportunity to acquire a unique and interesting piece of vintage French motoring history. Estimate: £30000 - £40000


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