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Sunday, July 25, 2010

1972 Lamborghini Espada II


Lot 128 Registration Number: XBM 339K Chassis Number: 8748 In 1968 Lamborghini introduced its first four seater model, the Espada. With typically outrageous styling the Espada, thanks to Bertone, featured all-round independent suspension and disc brakes. The Espada was originally fitted with a 4L 325 bhp (242 kW) V12 engine, fully independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes. Most transmissions were manual, and the Espada also introduced one of the first automatic transmissions able to absorb the torque of a large sporting V12. It had unusual gearing, with 3 ratios: drive, 1 and reverse. During its 10 year production the car underwent some changes, and three different series were produced. These were the S1 (1968-1970), the S2 (1970-1972) and the S3 (1972-1978). Each model featured engine power improvements, but only minor details were changed with the exterior design. The interior was altered dramatically between each model. An all new dashboard and steering wheel was installed for the S2, and the interior was again revamped for the S3. In 1970, power assisted steering was offered as an option, and in 1974 an automatic transmission was also offered. In 1975 impact bumpers had to be installed to meet United States safety requirements, and some people consider cars produced with them to be the S4, but Lamborghini did not officially change the designation. Near the end of the Espada’s life, Bertone designed a four-door prototype, which was never put into production. The Series II example on offer here was first registered in 1972 and taken off the road in 1981 while the owner was abroad. It remained in storage for 28 years in a heated garage supported on jacks to keep the suspension unloaded and the engine was turned over periodically to prevent it from seizing. The current owner purchased the vehicle in 2009 intending to restore it; however he has now found that he has too many other projects and has decided to sell the car. Described by the owner as a very original car in fair overall condition, it is believed to have only covered around 60,000 miles from new. Although roadworthy as demonstrated by a recent MoT test pass, the car would benefit from a full mechanical service in the hands of its new owner. Finished in green with a black leather interior, this Espada comes with a V5 document and an MoT certificate valid until March 2011. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of these modern classics to use and improve or as the basis for a full restoration to concours condition. Estimate: £15000 - £20000


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